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The Cosmic Philosophy

transl. by Oscar Laurens Schrover

From the Tradition Cosmique:

Attribute - The Attribute is a particular quality of being which manifest in a certain but undefined form; like the Cosmic Cause which has seven attributes of which the seventh is is the attribute of Justice (see page 6 and 7 of the Tradition Cosmique).

Aura - the aura is an atmosphere which proceeds from a person which it envelops. It is a trace of the glorified body of which Kahi proceeded: cast off by Devo
(translator's note:"cast off" in the sense of removing clothes

Arcana - (see Sleep)

Centralization - Expression which signifies the process of focusing on the most rarefied states or degrees of matter.

Conditions of materiality or integral matter - Of the four principal integral categories there are four numbered and mentioned on page 3. Each of these categories is subdivided in parts; and it is these parties which are called States of matter, or conditions of materiality.
One can find seven states of Etherisms on page 5 and seven states of materialism on page 106 of this volume (Volume I or Tome Un).
The latter conditions are those influence by Aoui and formed by the Elohim (see chapters 3 and 9). One has named these also the seven heavens, or short Heavens, or also earths.
Each of these state has a special color and characteristic. And each of these is subdivided in four degrees (see degree).

Degree -The degrees of matter are the subdivisions of the condition of matter or the states of being (see those words)
Normally each state has four degrees ; the physical, the nervous, the psychic, and the mental. A sensitive needs to develop and individualize these four degrees to be able to use these different conditions.

Discernment (Fr. Prediliction) - is the twelfth sense which enables you to avoid all things antipathetic and to encounter everything sympathetic. This sense results in the evolution of Intuition.

Emanation - An emanation is an intellectual concept from the Emanator clothed with material density, which proceeded from the Emanator, proceeded from itself.
An emanation may be independent of its emanator.

Exteriorisation or withdrawal - word which signifies the approaching of the states of matter, less rarefied ( as opposed to centralization).

To exteriorize or withdraw - This word signifies withdrawing from your most external state of being (see states of being) for none other reason than preserving the states which it contains. For example, a terresterial state of being can generally not penetrate a a nervous state when it withdraws from its physical body; and one doesn't pass to the physical state when one withdraws from the nervous body and so on.
(translator's note: this text obviously concerns itself with either trance-states, astral travels or out-of-body experiences)

Formation - a formation is a being which is produced by an Emanation, by means of the matter is can dispose of. It may happen that an Emanator uses the best of its matter to divert itself from the hostile, without succeeding to do this: the Tradition offers many examples (see notably the chapters 3 and 9).
The formation is an individual being independent of its Maker.

Force - all active force is dual; 1. the penetrating force, and 2. the responsive or receptive force which penetrated the most rarefied degree.

Empathic or Pathétiseur - an empathic is someone who is able to emit his forces and penetrate a receptive, or empathized.

Empathized - an empathised is someone who receives forces from an empathic.

Partiality - partiality is the eleventh sense by which man may refuse the evil and choose the good. This sense results in the development of precognition.

Responsiveness - faculty to respond to forces.

Sleep - In the Tradition different sort of dreamstates are indicated: lucid dreams, dreamless sleep, the sleep of assimilation, the sleep of Alifa, the sleep of Avasha, the rest of Arcana, etc
All these states signify states which are only understood by initiates because they correspond with exactly those degrees of Initiation one can not divulge.

States of being - Are states of matter which make up the constituting element of an individual being. So is our physical being, which consists of our physical condition, which comprises of a mental, psychic, nervous and physical degree.

the Veils - Between the four categories or classes of integral matter we find the Nucleolus, the Nucleus and the sphere belonging to the Attributes, those which are called the Veils.
Each of these states of which these four classes are constituted are called Veils

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from Tradition Cosmique, Glossaire pages 369/371, translation © Oscar Laurens Schrover 2002
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