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Charles Webster Leadbeater

Charles Webster Leadbeater
image from The Encyclopeadia of the Unexplained, Routledge and Kegan Paul, p.132

An Anglican clergyman who became a leading figure in the Theosophical Society and the right-hand man of Annie Besant, he was primarily responsible for the Krishnamurti scandal.  Later, in Australia, he became a Bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church and devoted himself to its affairs. He wrote numerous books, including The Science of the Sacraments, The Masters and the Path, The Astral Plane, Clairvoyance, Dreams, Lfe After Death, Man Visihie and Invisihle, and with Annie Besant, Reincarnation, 1898, Thought Forms, 1901, Man: Whence, How and Whither, 1913, and Occult Chemistry, 1919.  These, together with the works authored by Ms Besant, form the philosophical basis for the Adyar branch of Theosophy.

slightly modified from Richard Cavendish, ed.  The Encyclopeadia of the Unexplained, (Routledge and Kegan Paul, London), 1974, p.132

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