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The Daimon of the Integral Movement

I contacted the Daimon of the Integral Movement in June 2004, when I was firts updating the Wilber pages here. I was reading Brad Reynolds on-line hagiography, whee he explained that Wilber V represented a transformation in Wilber's own personal outlook, a spiritual breakthrough or leap to a higher level. The style of the writing, and the fact that I had for a while been immersed in writing an overview of Wilber's teachings and developments, and was feeling in a positive rather than a critical frame of mind towards him and the potential of this alternative paradigm approach to even (slwoly) impinge upon the mainstream, all converged in my consciousness. This convergence enabled me to contact a spiritual energy, a "deva" if you will, that was tied in with and manifesting through the devotional style (bhakti yoga) of Reynold's writing. I experienced this entity as a being of Light that manifested/descended through the affective/emotional being, stirring up a lot of excitement in my psyche. Looking back at this experience, my feeling is that this is a Personality behind the Integral Movement (or at least an emanation thereform; I am not sure if it is the entire being or just an aspect), and that it resides in the astral universe; getting caught up in it and giving in to that enthusiasm and associated fantasies (or "glamour" as Alice Baily would say) takes one to the Intermediate Zone. Nevertheless I did not feel that this was an entity of negativity; I did get a good feeling from it (but it is easy to be fooled with these things; in any case it is certainly not an adverse force)

It seems that many people in the Integral movement who are caught up in the cult of personality of Wilber (seeing him as the greatest philosopher of the modern age, an enlightened being, etc etc; claims that he, perhaps understandably because of egotism, doesn't explicately refute) are caught in thr glamour of this personality, this daimon. They have to accept the thoughtform totally, they become "fundamentalists". This is how human nature works, and it is the same with all gurus and sects and cults and religions and dogmas. It takes a real sincerity and sensitivity to one's Inner Guide, one's Higher Self to avoid being caught up unthinkingly and passively in these movements,

Update - 17 June 2006

In the light of Wilber's recent comments I have to revise what I had written previously. I think that this entity, this daimon, is a being of a highly Mixed nature (Light and Darkness inextricably mixed). It does not pertain to the Integral movement as a whole; if it did, why could it only be accessed with Reynolds' hagiography? It is rather, a sort of astral daimon, perhaps even an astral parasite. And from the look of things it has really taken over Wilber; it will probably increasingly posess him and take him over. Thiis will be evident psychologically in Wilber becoming progressively even more narcissistic, delusional, and bitter and resentful towards others.

Update - 26 July 2006

I've been thinking about this some more, and the situation clearly isnt as simplistic as I thought.

My current understanding is that Wilber's role in the integral movement seems to be as the anchor for the "attractor", to serve as a charismatic nucleus for these ideas and this discussion in the internet community and in real life. In this way he has brought a lot of people together, got them talking and interested and networking. But his own approach is far too limited and cultic to be of any real use. Add to that his narcissicism and the cultic elements of his Integral Institute (denied by external link Elliot Benjamin, who is in turn criticised by external link Geoff Falk) and we see that some of the energy around him isn't too elevated.

But the larger Integral movement transcends all this. Thus the attractor has a higher or more dispersed aspect, and a lower or more astral-emotional focus which is how it manifests in the world. A parallel might be made with Mohammad, who although a far more important historical figure, nevertheless was still a charismatic individual who formed the nucleus of a much larger popular movement or religion that idealised him, went way beyond him, yet still would not have been possible without him.

Of course it is so hard to be certain, and so easy to be caught up in glamour, in all these things.

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Wikipedia link Integral theory - a wide range of "integral" perspectives, on Wikipedia. This page follows the "Integral is bigger than Ken" position.

PDF Acrobat format Where Wilber is at - Hagiographic essay (pdf) - this essay enabled me to contact the daimon of the movement. Others however may have a different response, such as disgust! As with all such things, it all depends on one's state of consciousness, receptivity, and entire mindset at the time of reading it

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