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The Bardo State

the Buddhist Wheel of Dependent Origination
A general historical and comparative review of the various philosophical, religious and esoteric-occult conceptions of the nature of the after-life.

Introduction - M. Alan Kazlev
Alternative After-Life Hypotheses - Arvan Harvat
The Egyptian After-Life - Multiple Souls And Multiple After-lives - M. Alan Kazlev
The Middle Eastern And Mediterranean After-Life - The Cessation of the Personality With Bodily Death - M. Alan Kazlev
The Hellenistic (Later Mediterranean) After-Life - The Ascent of the Soul through the Celestial Spheres - M. Alan Kazlev
The Chinese After-Life - Yin And Yang Souls - M. Alan Kazlev
The Tibetan Afterlife - The "Bardo" Or Intermediate State - M. Alan Kazlev
The Kabbalistic After-Life - The Three Souls - M. Alan Kazlev
Multiple after-life states - a preliminary summing up - M. Alan Kazlev
Contemporary Spiritualism And Theosophy - The Astral Plane - M. Alan Kazlev
The psychodynamics of after-life existence
Reincarnation - The Oriental view refurbished as a simplified theosophy - Arvan Harvat

The following is the htmlised version of a book I attempted to write many years ago.  Here is the table of contents for the final (still incomplete) draft.

The process of converting a print-specific document to web page involves a transformation of ideas as well as of media.  So what had previously been a self-contained book now includes links to other pages on my site, giving it a broader emphasis than was originally projected.  This however is not necessarily a bad thing.

I have also added a few contributions by my friend, Arvan Harvat

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