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Types of Nourishment - The Moral Sequence

Earth Angel
Graphic from external link Breatharianism - Living on Light (a large website by Jasmuheen, a breatharian advocate)

Breatharianism is the ultimate form of nourishment. Ot is not only the ultimate nourishment yogically, but also, much more imporatntly, ethically. I like to think of this in terms of a moral sequence or continuum:

(a) Meat eating. For humans in the developed world to continue to murder sentient beings for food when vegetable-based nourishment is cheap and available, represnts the lowest form of consciousness in this sequence. A form of compromise vegetarianism is Wikipedia link Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarianism (includes eggs and dairy) and variants. These are only fine on an alternative community where animals are loved, but in other instances is evry bit as immoral as full meat-eating because of the appalling way (external link link, link, link, link) hens and cows are treated (part of the misogyny of the meat, dairy and poultry industry - all these things are tied together).

(b) The Vegan who easts only plants but no animals represents a superior moral position, all arguments against this notwithstanding. Also in this ethical categoery are forms of non-vegan vegetarianism where animals are loved and cared for and there is no distress or exploitation. e.g. free-range hens who lay eggs but are well treated, loved and not murdered when they stop laying (but if you buy free range, make sure you don't support external link fake free range that are just as cruel as factory farming!), or Ovo-Lacto-Vegetarianism where cows and hens are looked after. I myself find that my body has become so subtle and refined through years of vegan lifestyle that i can no longer eat either eggs or dairy, but I have absolutely no criticism against this diet on the above conditions.

(c) The Fruitarian who eat only fruit (what drops from the tree) and not a whole plant like say a lettuce or cabbage or peanuts (which are in the roots - rhizomes) is more advanced again, but impractical except for a very disciplined spiritual lifestyle in a tropical climate where a wide assortment of nourishing fruits can be found.

(d) Finally, the Breatharian does not even consume living cells in fruit, but lives on pure ch'i energy. This is the highest mode of functioning, and represents the overturing of the modern world, where life feeds on life, in favour of a new world, the Divine Creation, where all beings are sustained solely by the Light and Love of and from the Supreme, as it should be.

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