The Base of the Neck Centre

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The Base of the Neck Centre - called the Ta Chui or Big Vertebra Centre in the Chinese system - is located just below the seventh cervical vertebra, where the neck joins the shoulders [Chia, p.212]. This centre serves as a connecting point with channels and energies from the hands, arms, and legs [Chia, pp.212-3]. It also relates with the Throat Chakra [Paulson, p.90] at the front of the body.


None given.

Associated Psychological states:

Open and Balanced: You are able to embrace others with love and warmth [Chia, p.214].

Malfunctioning: You are suffer from stubborness and denial [Chia, p.214].

Blocked: You suffer from feelings of inadequacy [Chia, p.214] and lack of self-esteem. You don't feel comfortable with yourself or with what you have achieved in the world.

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