The Base of the Throat Centre

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The front counterpart of the Base of Neck Chakra, the Base of Throat chakra is located at the V-like notch at the base of the neck and top of the sternum (breastbone).  It supports the thyroid gland; the largest of all the endocrine glands, which produces hormones that regulate metabolic rate and physical growth through the production of harmones.

Genevieve Paulson refers to this center as the Seventh Heart Chakra or Service Chakra [Paulson, p.133]. It activates selfless service to others and to the world as a whole.


None given.

Associated Psychological states:

Open and Balanced: You are easily able to give mental expression through thought, speech, or otherwise to your emotions, desires, passions, and sensation [p.334]. Spiritually, you have the desire or will to serve in the world, and can be of service to others and to the world as a whole [Paulson, pp.84, 133].

Overactive: You tend to be a very traditional or conservative-orientated, emotional-feeling type, who is more concerned with the past and memories then the future, who likes security and tends to be passive, tolerant, and idealistic [Beasley, pp.212, 216]. You may have an excessive commitment to others at the expense of one's own destiny [Paulson, p.84].

Malfunctioning: You are a negative idealist, who although committed to others has nevertheless a rigid, prejudiced view of the world, and a non-accepting of opinions other than your own [Paulson, p.63]. You may be attracted to "old-time" or conservative religions, which are frequently associated with phenomena such as talking in tongues (glossaria) and Lower Astral visions of and voices from entities purporting to be Jesus.

Weak or Blocked: Your personality tends to be fixed and rigid, with a strong unwillingness to change [Chia, p.235]. You tend to be very self-centred or self-serving, with a fear of giving to or serving others. You may be a self-sacrificing "martyr" who gives not out of joy but in a begrudging, mean-spirited and resentful way [Paulson, pp.84, 133].

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