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The Coccygeal Centre - sometimes identified with the Muladhara or "Root Support" chakra in Tantric literature, and the Chang Qiang in Taoism - is located by the coccyx or "tailbone" and the base of the spine.  This chakra is the first of the yang or ascending energy centres, and according to Mantak Chia one of its roles is to transform and refine sexual energy and Universal earth (Yin) Chi before they enter the higher centres. [Chia, p.204]

In the Tantric Kundalini-yoga system the four petals of the Muladhara Chakra proper correspond to the psychological states of greatest joy, natural pleasure, delight in controlling passions, and blissfulness in concentration [Goswami, p.276]. All these qualities represent the bliss of realising the Divine in the physical body. The highest and most complete forms of spirituality do not reject the body, but see it as the vehicle for the transmutation of the body and the spirit together. It can be assumed that the Coccygeal chakra, as the lower octave or resonance of the Muladhara, also embodies these qualities to some extent.

Mantak Chia suggests that this Centre (along with the Sacral Chakra above it) is related to reincarnation, past lives, and repeated physical embodiment [Chia, p.204]. According to Barbara Brennan it is related to the quantity of physical energy in the being, and the will to live in physical reality. [Brennan, p.72]

The Coccygeal chakra represents the element Earth, but corresponds to the subtle physical or etheric (subtle body) reality, rather than the gross physical plane represented by the Perineal Chakra.  But because of its proximity to the Perineal, and their mutual symbolic association with the element Earth, the Coccygeal Centre is confused in both traditional Tantra and modern Thesophical and New Age thought with the Perineal Centre.  In actual fact, these two centres are quite different; the Perineal being the lowest of the "Yin" or descending chi or Feeling Centres, and the red pole of the central nadi, whilst the Coccygeal is the first of the "Yang" or ascending Chi or Will Chakras, and represents the Shakti or Power Pole that complements the Shiva or Consciousness/Spirit pole above the head.

Many modern writers compound the this confusion by associating this chakra with the adrenal glands and the kidneys, but both those organs pertain to chakras located somewhat higher up the spine.


Spokes/Petals: Hindu Tantra - 4; Leadbeater - 4; Tansley - 4; Paulson - 4

Element: Hindu Tantra - Earth (Yellow Square)

Colours: Hindu Tantra - Yellow (petals: red, yellow, and golden); Leadbeater - Fiery Orange-Red; Hills - Red; Paulson - Brilliant Orange-Red; Brennan - scarlet-red.

Associated Psychological states:

Open and Balanced: You have a powerful will to live, are full of physical energy and potency, and give a strong impression of power and vitality [Brennan, p.72]. You are able to express yourself easily; and tend to be the "life of the party". You are comfortable with physical contact. You are able to live in and enjoy the present moment [Beasley, pp.210, 217].

Overactive: You have an inability to appreciate abstract or subtle things, and depend on concrete reality and immediate external stimulii.

Unbalanced: You like to dominate or bully others. You tend towards physical violence.

Blocked: Most of your physical vitality is blocked, and you do not make a strong physical impression. You lack physical power and coordination, avoid physical activity, and probably have a weak or sickly constitution [Brennan, p.72].

Further suggested Correspondences:

Physical body: Base of spine; Autonomous nervous system.
psychological type associated with this chakra is the physical present-centred extravert-sensation type of individual.
Psychological function: the will to live in physical reality.
Occult faculty: links to inner Muladhara

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