The Adrenal or Diaphragmatic Centre

Secondary (Yang) Chakra (rear)

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The Adrenal Centre is located between the 11th and 12th thoracic vertebrae, adjacent to the adrenal glands and the diaphram, and opposite the solar plexus.  This chakra is not represented in the Indian tradition, and hence in various modern books on the chakras it is often confused with the Muladhara chakra.  The two however are quite distinct.

This centre supports the adrenal glands, which produces hormones that regulate blood sugar levels and the body's retention or excretion of various minerals.  They also can stimulate the sympathetic (aurtonomous) nervous system and so are also responsible for the so-called "fight or flight" reaction, which increases heart-beat, respiration, and physical strength, in order to cope with emergencies.  In prehistoric times this was necessary for survival, but now people working stressful office jobs have a constant adremaline stress with no outlet, and develop ulcers and other problems because of this.  Substances such as coffee and nicotine also produce a false adrenaline rush, whish deplete the adrenal glands and drain the body of chi [Awaken Healing Light, p.208].

The Adrenal or Diaphragmatic Chakra is very much concerned with healing (a link with Mercury = Hermes = Asclepis, the latter being the patron of the Healing Arts), and intentionality towards one's health.  Barbara Brennan explains that it is known as the healing centre and is associated with spiritual healing; in some healers this centre is said to be very large and well-developed [Hands of Light, p.76].  It is orange-yellow in colour, and usually works in conjunction with the Solar Plexus centre at the front of the body.

In view of its importance in healing, David Tansley's claim that dysfunction in this chakra is one of the most potent causes of cancer [Radionics & the Subtle Anatomy of Man, p.40] is quite comprehensible.


Spokes/Petals: Paulson - 24

Colours: Paulson - Yellow.

Associated Psychological states:

Open and Balanced: You feel free and accept yourself as a being who belongs in the universe [Brennan, p.209];

Overactive or Unbalanced: You have an excessive "survival consciousness" and a desire for getting one's own way [Paulson, p.70]

Malfunctioning: You could suffer from repressed anger, frustration, and feelings of rejection. There is also the tendency towards illness [Paulson, p.70].

Closed: You feel weighed down and alienated [Chia, p.76] and disconnected from life [Paulson, p.70].

Associated major chakra


Third Chakra

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