The Navel Chakra

Shen Ch'ue

Secondary (Yin) Chakra (front)

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The Tantric yogis begin with the base or coccygal chakra and thence to the inner Muladhara, while some visualisation techniques begin with the centre above the head and go down from there.  The Taoists alchemists however start with the navel, or Navel-Centre.

The Navel Chakra or Shen Ch'ue ("Mind Palace") of Taoism, and "Spleen Chakra" (in part) of Theosophy, is the major emotional centre of the being, as well as being the main storage battery for ch'i-energy. It is our first connection (in the womb) with the external world, and this connection continues beyond the cutting of the umbilical cord [Chia, pp.173-4]. Thus it represents the strongest connecting link to other people on the feeling level [Paulson, p.71]. The Navel Centre absorbs, transforms, balances and distributes chi energy (life-force) from both the macrocosm (Heaven and Earth Chi) and the microcosm (the other centres and organs within our body) [Chia, pp.174-8]. For this reason, Mantak Chia recommends that practice of the Microcosmic orbit begins and also finishes with the Navel Centre.

According to Barbara Brennan, this chakra's usual colour - in both the Second (Gross Emotional) and Fourth (Subtle) energy bodies - is orange.


Spokes/Petals: Tansley - 6; Paulson - 10

Colours: Leadbeater - Red & Green; Hills - Orange.

Associated Psychological states:

Balanced and Open: You are easily able to connect with other people on the Feeling level [Paulson, p.71]; you feel centred and balanced [Chia, p.100].

Overactive or Unbalanced: You are over-emotional, being ruled or swamped by your emotions. Because of this, clear or rational thought may be very difficult for you [Paulson, p.71].

Malfunctioning: You find the expression of emotions difficult, and hence may be prone to volcanic outbursts of rage [Paulson, p.71], as the emotional energy that is dammed up suddenly bursts through in an unhealthy way.

Blocked: You tend to suffer from lowered vitality, picky or distracted behaviour, and nervous debility [Chia, p.180].

Further suggested correspondences:

Physical body: Stomach & intestines; lower abdomen.
Psychological faculty: emotional being, specifically Lower Emotional
Occult faculty: main storage battery for ch'i-energy (etheric body)

Associated major chakra


Third Chakra

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