The Genital or Pubic Chakra

Sperm or Ovarian Palace (Jing Gong/Zhongji)

Secondary (Yin) Chakra (front)

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The chakra beneath the Sea of Chi Centre is the Genital or Pubic Centre. This chakra is refrerred to by Barbara Brennan as the Pubic Centre, and in Taoism is called the Sperm or Ovarian Palace (Jing Gong/Zhongji) in Taoism.

It is located in men at the base of the penis, and in women above the pubic bone, approximately one palm's width below the navel [Chia, p.187]. It supports the genitals and the sex-drive. The sexual organs themselves also possess their own minor chakras which are responsible for sexual functioning and the sex and reproductive instincts, but these chakras connect to the rest of the energy system of the organism through the Pubic Chakra in the front, and the Sacral Chakra to the rear

The Pubic Chakra corresponds to the emotional or feeling side of sexuality.  Its usual colour is red, and it is associated with the earthy, sensual, present-centred individual.

David Tansley observes that mystics, when drawing down higher energies, frequently overstimulate this centre [Radionics & the Subtle Anatomy of Man, p.39], resulting in sexual and erotic imagery such as the mystical marriage to Christ in Christian mysticism, the love poetry of Sufism and the Krishna-eroticism in Vishvanite devotional mysticism.


Spokes/Petals: Tibetan Buddhism -

Colours: Hills - Red.

Associated Psychological states:

Balanced and Open: You easily feel love and tenderness for your sexual partner, and are able to give and receive physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pleasure [Brennan, p.73].

Overactive: You feel that you are God's gift to the opposite sex [Paulson, p.81].

Malfunctioning: You may take an unbalanced or aggressiveness attitude twoards sex [Brennan, p.73].

Blocked: If you are a woman you may suffer from frigidity; if a man you may be prone to premature ejaculation or impotence [Brennan, p.73].

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