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The Sacral Centre - sometimes referred to as the Swadhisthana Chakra in Tantra, (although distinct from the true Swadhisthana), and called the Wei Lu in Taoism - is located a little above the tip of the coccyx, or in the sacrum above the coccyx. It functions to pump spinal fluid up to the brain, thus keeping the brain nourished and young [Chia, p.204]. It is also related to the quantity of sexual energy a person has [Brennan, p.72].

In the Tantric tradition, this chakra is associated with the genitals and sexual energy. Indian teachings place a lot of emphasise on celibacy, in order to raise and transmute this powerful sexual energy to the brain (or, more correctly, the Upper T'ien Tan Centre), increasing higher consciousness. This is actually the basic principle behind celibacy in all religions, including Catholicism. In practice however, this noble ideal flounders, because the individual is not yet ready to renounce physical sex, and may become psychologically unbalanced, full of guilt, or turn to paedophilia or other unnatural forms of sex.

According to Barbara Brennan, the Sacral centre is located to the quantity of sexual energy a person has.  When it is open, a person has a lot of sexual energy and sexual power.  When blocked, sexual sensations will be weak and dissapointing.  People who have problems with guilt and sin, especially in the religious sense: the body is sinful, or sex is dirty; have problems with this chakra.  They may be able to function very well on the practical Earth level (Coccygeal chakra functioning) but they see desires as being bad.

Whereas Tantric teachings consider the Sacral and Coccygeal Centres as seperate and distinct, whereas Mantak Chia states that because they are closely linked, in the practise of the microcosmic orbit it is not necessary to focus on each one seperately.  Either approach is fine, and it is upto the individual to choose whichever version he or she feels comfortable with.


Spokes/Petals: Hindu Tantra - 6; Tansley - 6; Paulson - 6

Element: Hindu Tantra - Water (White Crescent)

Colours: Hindu Tantra - White (petals vermillion, red, whitish-red, lightning-like, and golden); Paulson - Vermillion.

Associated Psychological states:

Open and Balanced: You have a lot of sexual energy and sexual power, and you are comfortable with sexuality [Brennan, p.72]. You are able to express your power easily; you have a lot of physical energy, a strong sex drive, a lot of healing energy, and a joy of life [Paulson, p.79].

Overactive: You have excessive or uncontrolled power or sexual energy [Paulson, p.71]. Nymphomania or Satyrus can result; you are obsessed with sex and find it difficult to think about anything else.

Malfunctioning: There may be negative or perverse sexual energy [Paulson, p.80]. You may have problems with guilt and sin, especially in the religious sense: the body is sinful, or sex is dirty.

Blocked: Your sexual sensations are weak and dissapointing. You probably have a low sex drive and tend to avoid sex and disclaim its importance [Brennan, p.72].

Further suggested Correspondences:

Physical body: lower back; spinal fluid
Psychological faculty: Sexual instincts
Occult faculty: Connection with Original Ch'i

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