The Upper Forehead Chakra

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There would seem to be a number of distinct chakras in a line running vertically down (or behind) the middle of the Forehead [Goswami, p.293; Paulson, pp.127-8]. These are usually all confused or identified with the Ajna or Brow Chakra. When they are all active and working in unison, they constitute the "Third Eye" or Eye of Shiva, which is located perpendicular (down the forehead) to the two physical eyes.

The highest of these forehead chakras, located about 2 cm above the normal hair line, is referred to by Genevieve Lewis Paulson as the "Seventh Eye" [Paulson, pp.75, 128]. It seems to be associated with the thalamus gland, the highest-positioned gland in the brain.

Because of its proximity with the Crown chakra, the Upper Forehead Centre is confused with it. However, the two are distinct; the Crown Centre can be considered as being purely spiritual in nature, whilst the Upper Forehead Centre brings in mental and psychic/astral elements as well.

The Upper Forehead Centre is not referred to in the traditional Taoist or 7-chakra Tantric systems.  But in the extended Tantric arrangement, which posits a number of intermediate stations between the Ajna and the Crown, this centre could be linked to the Mahanada ("Great Vibration-melody") which is not however considered a chakra as such.

This centre could also be linked with the Thalamas gland in the brain.  Ann Ree Colton refers to the "Sacred Thalamas" as the site of the Constant, where the Will of God is known.


None given.

Associated Psychological states:

Open and Balanced: You have an awareness of higher levels of self and are attuned to your higher spiritual being [Paulson, p.75]. You have an understanding of the totality and purpose of the universe [Paulson, p.128]. You may be clairvoyant and see auras [Chia, p.224]. You may perceive a radiant spiritual light, and see and receive guidance from higher angelic beings [Chia, p.224; Paulson, p.128]

Overactive: You have an excessive preoccupation with higher realities to the detriment of the everyday existence [Paulson, p.75].

Malfunctioning: You suffer from delusions and erratic mood swings [Chia, p.224]. You may be schizophrenic.

Blocked: You are unable to perceive spiritual insights, and are too caught up with just the ordinary human side of life [Paulson, p.75].

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Further Notes and speculations

In terms of the Subtle Bodies, this centre could be associated with the Causal-Mental Body (by which I don't mean the Theosophical Causal Body), or what Barbara Brennan calls the "Ketheric Template" or the "Seventh Energy Field", which she describes as gold in colour, and the faculty of "Divine Knowledge" or gnosis in the individual [Hands of Light, ].

Astrologically, this Centre could be relates to the planet Uranus, which rules the sign of Aquarius, and symbolises unconventionality, scientific invention, sudden beginnings and endings, and the breaking of old boundaries.  The traditional wild halo of hair that one sometimes sees in the scientist (Einstein was a classic example) is due to the charge of chi that is active here when this centre is awakened.  The associated colour would be Electric Blue.

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