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In Shakta Tantra, the Vishuddha chakra has sixteen smoke-coloured petals, each linked with one of the Sanskrit vowels.  The central chakra-region is either white, transparent, smoke, or sky-blue in colour, and is associated with the element Space (Akasha), through which are transmitted the subtle vibrations of mantras [Laya Yoga].

Deities within the Vishuddha Chakra

deities within the Vishuddha Chakra
counterclockwise from the bottom: Ambara, Sadashiva, Shakini

Chakra table 6


Terminology Tantric vishuddha, vishuddhi, kantha, kanthadesha, kanthapadma, kanthapankaja, 
kanthambuja, kanthambhoja, shodasha, shodasha-dala, shodashara,
nirmala-padma, dwyashtapatrambuja, akasha, shodashollasa-dala,
Vedic (late Upanishads) vishuddha, vishuddhi, kantha chakra
Puranic vishuddha, vishuddhi
Position externally, neck-region
Petals number sixteen, arranged from right to left 
colour smoke colour, shining smoke colour
Matrika-letters on petals sixteen in number; Ang Ang Ing Ing UngUng Ring Ring Lring Lring Eng Aing Ong Oung Ang Ah, arranged from right to left
colour deep red, red, golden
Vrittis on petals sixteen in number, arranged from right to left
name  1 Pranava (mantra Ong [Aum]); 2 Udgitha (the Sama-mantras); 3 Hung (a mantra); 4 Phat (a mantra); 5 Washat (a mantra); 6 Swadha (a mantra); 7 Swaha (a mantra); 8 Namak (a mantra); 9 Amfita (nectar and seven (musical) tones, viz. 1 nishada; 2 riskabha; 3 gandhara; 4 shadja; 5 madhyama; 6 dhaiwata; 7 pañchama
In the pericarp circular akasha-region
a triangle inside the akasha-region
circular lunar region inside the triangle
colour akasha-region; white, transparent or smoke
triangle; sky-blue or smoke
lunar-region; white
Akasha-bija Hang
inside lunar region
colour of Akasha-bija white
Form of Akasha-bija deity Ambara (Akasha)
Concentration form of Ambara Ambara is white in colour; four-armed, holding a noose and a goad, and making the gestures of granting hoons and dispelling fear; seated on a white elephant
In the bindu of Hang deity Sadashiva
Concentration form of Sadashiva Sadashiva as Ardhanarishwara: The right half of the body (the Shiva aspect) is white, and the left half (the Shakti aspect) is golden; five-faced, three-eyed; ten-armed, holding a trident, a chisel (or an axe), a sword, the wajra, fire, the great snake, a bell, a goad and a noose, and making the gestures of dispelling fear; clad in tiger's skin
Presiding divinity power Shakini
Concentration of Shakini Shakini is shining white, or yellow in colour; five-faced, three-eyed, four-armed, holding a bow and arrow, noose and goad; or a noose, a goad and a book and making the attitude of jñanamudra; or a bow, a trident and a book and showing jñanamudra; or a noose, a trident, and a and showing jñanamudra; or two-armed, holding the Vajra and a staff; clad in yellow raiment or black raimeot; seated in a red lotus 

reference Layayoga - an Advanced Method of Concentration by Shyam Sundar Goswami, p.279-80.  colour plate above from same book

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List of major and minor Chakras

Further Associations

Both Ann Ree Colton [Kundalini West, p.298] and Oscar Marcel Heinze [Tantra Vidya ] associated this centre astrologically with the planet Mars, and this is in keeping with the astrological series followed here.  Mars represents dynamic energy, and rules the sign of Aries, initiating new beginnings.  In the Qabalistic scheme too, in both the linear and the holistic/tree diagrams this centre is associated with the principle or Sphere of Mars.

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