Some notes on Working with Chakra Energies and Energy Balancing

Kevin Farrow

(Webmaster's Note) The following very interesting account is from several emails from Kevin Farrow, dated Fri, 03 Nov, Sat 04 Nov and Tue 07 Nov 2000. The diagram is also by Kevin and can be referred to when reading the text.

chakras and microcosmic orbit
diagram © 2000 Kevin Farrow

From my observations working on people, the points that are part of the circulation of the light (Microcosmic Orbit) can be felt on the physical body as pulses and can be balanced - i.e. pulsing goes from figure 8's, alternate etc to even strength and frequency in both hands. If you follow the circ around on someone and do this (you have to bridge nose to chin - perineum and toes) you discover that the pulse balance holds.

I work from the front of the feet to front of knee, to perineum, to sacrum up to the head then down again to perineum (assume you know points in between) then back of knees to soles of feet (K1) then front of feet up to knee. Takes an hour and a bit usually.

The chakras I use only in the sense of mapping them with a pendulum. Not that I believe you can tell anybody anything much from this (and I refrain), but I think it gives an indication of the energetic relationship between the client and practitioner. In workshops I've run, I've noticed that dowsing the chakras gave different results for different people. Invariably, bitter old husband and wife teams would rate each other's sex chakras as closed - but you could get an open reading by getting some spunk they were attracted to, to read them. I'm sure parts of some peoples chakras are semi-permanently blocked off to some energies and this is what you may be able to tell from the Barbara Brennan version of the shape of the pendulum swing, if you can get a consistent reading from at least a few different people.

Haven't seen it done except in my workshops and itšs generally an unpopular outcome, especially for the New Age.

Also, I don't think (Tantric) chakras go at the front or back but can be read from either position. They do seem to read differently front to back so Barbara Brennan is probably right about different influences, although her idea of what really amounts to 2 sets - well! I think you're right and that she has just transposed the circulation of the light as chakras.

I think external link Caroline Myss's idea of Chakras as data banks seems to have the most relevance - they are how you are and you can't change them in an hour or so on a massage table. You can alter the flow from clockwise to anticlockwise and back if you try. Išve done it to show students of mine and Išve shown a few people how. There are several ways but the most remarkably simple is to have someone use a pendulum above your sex chakra and then think of the most unappealing sexual partner you can, invariably this will go anticlockwise. Then think of Sharon Stone or whoever else turns you on and it will go clockwise. Very amusing party trick.

The below feet and above head points are useful when balancing the off body energies. If you put too much energy into the head area you can give people headaches and you can reverse this by placing left hand on the sky point and right hand over the brow.

Similarly, if someone is too spaced to walk you can draw the energy down to the earth by placing the right hand down at the earth point and the other over the feet.

Can be done very strongly with two people, one at the head and one at the feet.

Had an interesting discussion with an accupuncturist/Tai Chi teacher who reminded me that the sky point is what you focus on in Tai Chi - the body sort of hands off it. He also noted that his old Taoist Master, told him that the sky, earth and perineum were connected as one of the strange and secret flows and that balancing that flow balanced the spirit in the body.

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content and diagram by Kevin Farrow
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