Chakra 6

Higher Thinking

Graphic from - A brief introduction to the Chakra System

Chakra Six: Light, Archetypal identity, oriented to self-reflection

This chakra is known as the brow chakra or third eye center. It is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively. As such it opens the psychic faculties and the understanding of the subtle and top a lesser extent the archetypal levels (the more complete understanding comes from the crown chakra and the chakras above the head). It thus allows us to see clearly, in effect, letting us "see the big picture."

Associated chakras

 (Shaktism and New Age derivatives thereof)

Back of Head
upper forehead

Interpretation of Reality: Reality can be seen as a matrix of interconnected occult relationships - the basic defining principles are harmonics, responance, correspondence.

Knowledge: Intuitive, clairvoyance, third eye center, unified vision of reality.

Suggested Correspondences

Colour Personality type: Blue

Psychological faculty (Jung): Introversion, Intuition

Subtle body (Barbara Brennan): Etheric Template, Celestial, Ketheric Template

Tattwa Element (Samkhya):Space (Akasha)

Sefirot (Kabbalah/Qabalah and New Age derivatives thereof) Hokhmah, Binah and Daat

Representative Paradigms (Science): Unified Science (e.g. Arthur M. Young, etc)

Representative Paradigms (Psychology)Jung to some extent, Transpersonal Psychology

Representative Paradigms (Philosophy):Pantheism, Holism, Emanationism,  Dramaturgy

Representative Paradigms (Religion):Neo-Paganism, New Age-ism

Representative Paradigms (Esotericism) Neoplatonism, Gnosticism, Taoism Tantra, Trika, Ishraqism, Sufism, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Hermeticism, etc,

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