The Chakras - New Age Interpretations

Most modern, "New Age" interpretations combine Sir John Woodroffe's text on the Serpent Power with miscellaneous pop-guru teachings (Osho/Rajneesh is perhaps the most popular), the Leadbeater-Bailey-Tansley "Neo-Theosophy" interpretation, Christopher Hills' Rainbow colours theme (but without his psychological thesis), and various New Age themes involving healing, correspondences with crystals and gemstones, the musical scale, and so on.  This constitutes what could be considered the "standard paradigm" of chakra understanding.  There are a number of documents on-line which are based on this paradigm

web pageChakras - a very good intro, from Education 2000 Plus Magazine   Basically follows the Western (New age) interpretation.  Includes a detailed list of correspondences.

web pageThe Function of the Chakras - a brief but good common-sense intro

web pageincludes music The Seven Chakras - intro to each of the chakras, giving quite a lucid description of the emotional-psychic dynamics of each

web page Chakras - An Introduction - by White Dove - another short and basic introduction & overview of the seven chakras.  By NewAge On-Line Australia

web pageCHAKRAS - The Music of Life - "These energy centres not only have a colour associated with them but they also have an octave of music as well and they are aligned like this:-
     The Base Chakra resonates to the note 'C'
     The Sacral Chakra resonates to the note 'D'
     The Solar Plexus Chakra resonates to the note 'E'
     The Heart Chakra resonates to the note 'F'
     The Throat Chakra resonates to the note 'G'
     The Brow or Third Eye Chakra resonates to the note 'A'
     The Crown Chakra resonates to the note 'B'  "

The Chakras for Healing and Self-Knowledge -
A Visual Representation of the Body Mirror System
developed by Sir Martin Brofman, Ph.D.

follws the New Age rainbow body interpretation
also see his  Auras and Chakras

web pageincludes linksThe Function and Awakening of Chakras - Links and information about the function and awakening of chakras. Inessa also offers tools to balance and develop your chakras

web pageTHE SEVEN CHAKRAS AND ASSOCIATED ASPECTS - by Damon Pike - short list of correspondences - body part, gemstone, colour, energy - for each chakra

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