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Rosicrucian Cosmological Diagram

Cosmology means the study of the universe.  But one could distinguish between physical Cosmology, the Cosmology of science and physics (e.g. the "Big Bang" Theory of the expanding universe), and metaphyscal or "esoteric' or "occult" Cosmology.  The latter refers not only to the physical universe, but also to all the subtle or non-physical universes as well; the higher realms of existence - psychic, spiritual, and so on - that are beyond the physical

General philosophical

Cosmology, involution and evolution


The Great Chain of Being
The World Tree

Planes of Existence - The "Vertical" Axis of Reality

General philosophical

The Four Kingdoms - Mineral-Vegetable-Animal-Human
The Involution and Evolution of Consciousness

20th/21st Century

Big Bang
Theory of Process (Arthur M. Young)
Unified Science (Edward Haskell)
Grand Syntheses of Science and Metaphysics
Formative Causation
Theory of Everything

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