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Emanation and Creation

Here is a drawing I made, inspired by Sri Aurobindo's cosmology and metaphysics. The one way arrows refer to causality and emanation, the two way arrows to interrelationship (each is an aspect of the other), equal signs to identity, and two way arrows and equal signs to identity that is also difference (and vice versa)

By Cosmotheology I mean a visionary gnostically-inspired and esoteric but still mental-intellectual interpretation of the Divine Reality (Absolute/Godhead/Supreme), its relation to the cosmos and manifest existence, and the path of manifestation/creation/emanation. This is in contrast to nonduality, which is based on the suchness or thatness of the Real, without considering its ontological relationship to duality and multiplicity. This is unrelated to Kant's definition of the term.

Worldviews based on cosmotheological insights are generally always panentheistic and emanationist in nature, and it could be assumed that this refers to this aspect of Reality itself. i.e. the Supreme Reality in order to give rise to finite existence and multiplicity cannot do so by any other means but emanation and involution, and that this Reality includes and also transcends the cosmos and all manifest existence (panentheism)

Cosmotheological worldviews may explain limitation and duality either in terms of involution - as in the case of nondual or monistic traditions like Neoplatonism Kashmir Shaivism and Tantra generally, or may include some sort of pre-creation crisis or fall, as in dualistic traditions such as Gnosticism, or both, as in some sophisticated teachings like Lurianic Kabbalah and Theon's Cosmic Tradition. They may also be strongly theistic, as in Kabbalah and some forms of Tantra, non-theistic, as in Neoplatonism, or a combination of both.

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