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Divine Reality

AUM symbol - representing the vibration of the Absolute

OM or AUM - the symbol of the Divine in Indic religion and philosophy. AUM represents the mantric vibration of the Absolute. Image from external link Swami Shivapadananda on getting the mind to turn inward - Swami Shivapadananda blog

By the Divine Reality is here meant the Supreme or the Real or God or Absolute in Him/Her/Itself, regardless of whether That appears or is experienced as Transcendent or Immanent or Integral Personal God or Impersonal Nondual Absolute, whether from the perspective of Realisation, Higher Realisation, Godhead, or Supreme Reality or some or all or none of these.

It might be called the the Absolute, the Godhead, the Source, God, Tao, Brahman, or anything else. Perennialist and gnostic insight realises the transcendental identity, while not denying the different nuances according to how each of these are portrayed exoterically.

I was unsure how best to portray that which is beyond all limits of form and formless, personal a\nd impersonal (yet includes all of these more), so I decided on a simple AUM symbol, as shown above.

The following very simplistic diagram shows the relationship between the various aspects of the Divine, from the most limited to the most limitless:


Supreme Reality
Higher Realisation
Divine Person <---> Impersonal / Nondual
Partial Realisation

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