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The Integral Singularity

Some time ago I coined the phrase "Integral Singularity", by analogy with Vernor Vinge's Technological Singularity, to refer to the Supramental Transformation as a radical shift of consciousness that makes it impossible for humans "this side" of the event to understand the post-human state.

Later, I was interested to discover the phrase blogosphere had already been coined by Lion Albaugh, a student of Ken Wilber. Perhaps it is just the result of the common use of the word "integral" and interest in transhumanist themes, or perhaps it really is part of a larger convergence (Wilber's external link lack of understanding of Divinization notwithstanding).

Intrugingly, I am not the only person to notice a connection between Sri Aurobindo and Transhumanist/Futurist themes; blogosphere Arhat Basak has also noticed the link between the two (personal correspondence).

Currently, I use the term "Integral Singularity" to refer to the merger or fusion of

According to this premise, both the Integral Singularity therefore goes beyond spirituality on its own, and materialistic technology on its own. Both the inner, ascetic, yogic path of consciousness, and the outer technological, inconscient path of matter, are equally necessary but also on their own equally one-sided; the new Divine Evolution will be the result of the merger of both.

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