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Orange - Materialistic/Achiever


Introductory comments: The following description of one of the Spiral Dynamics stages of development of consciousness, considered first tier in the Beck and Wilber models (Beck's former co-worker Cowan now rejects the idea of tiers), is taken from a page that is no longer on the Web. It quotes material that is in Beck & Cowan's book on Link to Amazon com Spiral Dynamics, some of which has been quoted in Wilber's book on Integral Psychology (pp.47ff).

"ORANGE 'Achievist' MEME 5th Awakening

Graves Code: E-R

Basic Theme: Act in your own self-interest by playing the game to win

Characteristic beliefs and actions:

Where seen: The Enlightenment, 'success' ministries, Any Rand's 'Atlas shrugged,' Wall Street, Rodeo Drive, The Riviera, emerging middle classes, the cosmetics industry, trophy hunting, Chambers of Commerce, colonialism, TV infomercials, the Cold War, DeBeers diamond cartel, breast implants, fashion, J.R. Ewing and Dallas." (Beck & Cowan, p. 46)


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