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The Supreme Mother as Godhead

The Godhead in the form of the Supreme Mother as Supreme cosmic creatrix or Shakti. Whereas lower levels of Realization are based on either formless nondual or theistic form, the Godhead in itself, or Godheads in themselves, include and integrate but also transcend all such limited definitions. ( Authorship of this beautiful work of art is unknown, but initials attached to the file indicate Self-Realization Fellowship)

By Godhead I mean Sri Aurobindo's Overmind, by which is meant cosmic creative Reality in Itself, the Supreme taking on all forms and multiplicity as both God and unmanifest, beyond but also including all the more limited realisations of the Absolute. It can be and often may be represented in terms of religious imagery or mythology, but such anthropomorphic images should not be taken too literally, as in itself it is ineffable. The distinction between Godhead and Supreme, or to use Aurobindonian terminology Overmind and Supermind, is that the former involves the infinite taking on the form of infinite different aspects, perspectivs, and possibilities, whereas the latter is a state of uncompromised and all-embracing integral unity.

Godhead is higher than both nonduality and theism. Transcendent Godhead is described in terms of emanation from an ineffable Supreme, as in the Kabbalistic Atzilut, whereas the activity of immanent Godhead or Gods is described for example by Rudolf Steiner as spiritual hierarchies.

Cosmic form of Krishna

Another representation of (an aspect of) the Godhead, this time as Krishna displaying his Cosmic form as described in the Bhagavad Gita. Krishnaism exerted a strong influence on Sri Aurobindo, and on external link 24 November 1926 he brought down and incarnated this Cosmic Deity in himself, in order to further the work of transformation. This is called "Siddhi Day"

See also: Emanation

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