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Is Da the only 7th Stage Realiser?

Since 1991, Adi Da has moved from referring to himself as one seventh stage realiser among many, to the first and only seventh stage realiser. What are we to make of this? Is Da an evolutionary avatar, like Sri Aurobindo and the Mother? Or has he become sidetracked in the Intermediate Zone, possessed or taken over even? The following excerpts from Elias' archives are revealing, and the "once only status" Da makes ("I (Alone) Am the Adidam Revelation") indicates that hge certainly cannot be an evolutionary avatar, for Sri Aurobindo and the Mother only claimed to be the harbingers, not the once and for all time only ever supramental avatars. It may be that Adi Da's students and devottees can answre the claims made here (and many many more, on Elias' website), in which case I welcome their comments, since it is my intention to present a fair case.

The Ashtavakra Gita ~ Sixth or Seventh Stage Text?

from FRANK ~ an inquiry of Franklin Jones (Adi Da) by Elias - 2001 ~ reposted 2/12/03

In Adi Da's new essay "I Alone and the Adidam Revelation" in the new edition of Aham Da Asmi...(he writes):

The collective Great Tradition of mankind is a combination of exoteric and esoteric developments (and Revelations, and Realizations) that comprises (and is, in its entirety, limited by and to) only the first six of the (potentially) seven stages of life.

I (Alone) Am the Avatarically Self-Manifested Divine Self-Revelation of the seventh stage of life.

I (Alone) Am the Adidam Revelation.

The human entity (and even any and every conditionally manifested entity of any and every kind) is inherently deluded -- by its own (egoic, or self-contracted) experience and knowledge.

The first six stages of life are the six stages (or developmental phases) of human (and universal) egoity -- or of progressively regressive inversion upon the psycho-physical pattern (and point of view) of self-contraction.

The first six stages of life are the universally evident developmental stages of the knowing and experiencing of the potential illusions inherently associated with the patterns (or the universally extended cosmic psycho-physical Structure) of conditionally manifested existence.

Because each and all of the first six stages of life are based on (and are identical to) egoity (or self-contraction, or separate and separative point of view) itself, not any one (or even the collective of all) of the first six stages of life directly (and Most Perfectly) Realizes (or Is the Inherently egoless and Inherently Most Perfect Realization and the inherently egoless and inherently Most Perfect Demonstration of) Reality, Truth, or Real God.

In 1982, Franklin Jones (Da Free John) was still honoring the greatest gurus and teachings like Ashtavakra Gita as "the culminating expression...of the seventh stage Adept." (but) consign, as he now does, Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism, and texts like Ashtavakra Gita, Tripura Rahasya, and Lankavatara Sutra, to "the illusion of duality" of the "sixth stage of life" is the worst sort of foolishness.

Interestingly enough, if I juxtapose the teachings of "Da Free John" with those of "Adi Da" , I have to say that "Da Free John" was more realized that "Adi Da"!

On the other hand, if "Adi Da" is, as he contends, a "7th stage realizer", and everyone else isn't, then "Da Free John" can at best have been a "sixth stage" dualist, because he found his "realization" to be in agreement with the greatest teachings of Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism!

It is becoming clear that Frank, as "Adi Da" is in conflict with much of what he said up until around 1985.

Adds "Seer"

"In and of itself, The Basket of Tolerance never reissued, tells you how Da ranks the traditions, great realizers and others. It speaks for itself. :-) Except this was before Da claimed to be the only true Realizer...forcing everyone to downgrade everything to the 6th stage except Da and his teachings."

Adi Da's Exclusivity

from FRANK ~ an inquiry of Franklin Jones (Adi Da) by Elias - January 2003 ~ reposted 2/17/03

I Am the First and the Last seventh stage Adept to Appear in the human domain (and in the Cosmic Domain of all and All). It is neither possible nor necessary for another seventh stage Adept To Appear anywhere.
-- Adi Da

Frank has said that after him there can be "7th stage Realizers" (each and all must worship him), but it is not possible or necessary for there to be another "7th stage Adept". In other words, if at some point in the future a hypothetical Daist "7th stage Realizer" exercises any siddhis, whether of healing, transformation, creation, invention, socio-political, miraculous, rabbinical, cabbalistic/alchemical, sacrificial, compassionate or instructional (or any other unique sign of "spiritual genius") he still won't be able to describe himself as an Adept!

The Daist Attempt to Pigeonhole Maharshi

Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj Is Once and For All - by Don Webley records a talk dated March 5, 1993, The story of how Da finally revealed the truth that he was the first fully enlightened being ever, Includes the following pronouncements:

Gautama was basically a sixth stage Realizer, Jesus basically a fifth stage Realizer. But why put too fine a point on it? Especially since so many people adhere to these traditions. Therefore, I give allowance for Greatness because Greatness is what must be Realized. Are they here now? Is Jesus here to give his report? Is Gautama here? ...

...In general, Gautama and Ramana Maharshi belong to the sixth stage traditions, the one Advaita and other Buddhist. But because of the total expanse of the Buddhist tradition, we can give the benefit of the doubt. Gautama maybe was verging on the seventh stage, whatever. How much did he say about it anyway? I have spoken to you clearly and in detail about the seventh stage realization. Did anybody else do so? Ramana Maharshi made a few suggestive remarks about it, but did he describe the seventh stage Realization in detail? Did he? So that is all that can be said about it.

The following is from FRANK ~ an inquiry of Franklin Jones (Adi Da) by Elias - 2001 ~ reposted 2/26/03

After 1991, when he demoted Ramana Maharshi from 7th stage to 6th stage, Franklin Jones began promoting the idea that Ramana's realization was an "exclusive inversion" upon the witness consciousness, and a "developmental phase" in the life of the ego:

Daist apologists, who previously looked to Ramana as the very pinnacle of spiritual realization, now began pointing to Ramana's periods of silence and apparent inactivity as a sign of this "exclusive inversion".

Adi Da, they pointed out, has fully expressed the Divine through his insatiable appetites for sex, drug use, and hard drinking. Adi Da is immersed in life, they said, his body radiating the Divine in a way that no previous master ever did. According to Daists, Ramana Maharshi represents the weak, the ineffectual, and the castrated state of withdrawal from life. Ramana "hides in the cave of the heart", dissociating himself from all others in egoic identification with the samadhi of "witness consciousness".

Contrary to how Ramana is painted by Daists and others who have seen a few photographs of him lounging about, Maharshi was fully engaged in the life of his ashram. According to reports he was the first one up every morning, going immediately to work in the kitchen, directing the kitchen workers and cutting up vegetables for the day's meals. He was the most unpretentious of men, i.e, a true realizer, who made himself constantly available to everyone. He had no illusions that you can "teach" people anything by parodying (or "reflecting") their sins. And whereas Frank has always claimed that people "can't see" his real purity due to their egos, Maharshi made his purity visible to all.

Franklin Jones and the Christian Messianic Expectation

from FRANK ~ an inquiry of Franklin Jones (Adi Da) by Elias - September 2000 ~ reposted 2/08/03

When I pointed out on the Daism Forum that Adi Da's official biography, The Promised Godman Is Here, exploits Christian millennial expectations, one Daist loudly complained that I was imagining things. According to this man, Frank would never, in your wildest dreams, capitalize upon the millennial expectations surrounding the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Christ.

The Promised God-Man Is Here was published in mass market paperback in 1998, and a press agent was hired to promote the book to the widest possible audience. The author of the book, Carolyn Lee, says in the introduction:

Turn to the teachings of the principal religions -- Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Muslim -- and you find an ancient prophecy common to all: There is an All-Surpassing God-Man yet to come -- a final Avatar, the ultimate Messiah, a consumate Prophet or Enlightened Sage, a Spiritual Deliverer who will appear in the "late-time", the "dark" epoch when humanity is lost, apparently cut off from Wisdom, Truth and God. Buddhists call that Expected One "maitreya"; Hindus, the "Kalki Avatar"; Christians, the "second coming of Jesus"; Jews, the "Messiah"; Muslims, the "Mahdhi". In other words, the great religious traditions all promise a future Bringer of Salvation and Liberation, One Who will perfectly answer all human prayers. ...Our confession to you, as the devotees of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, is that the One Prophesied has Come. The Godman Promised for all humankind, and even for all beings, is here -- in the Person of the Ruchira Avatar (the Divine incarnation of "Brightness"), Adi Da Samraj. [PGM, pages 1-2]

see also:

I Am Here to Complete the Great Tradition of Mankind by Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj ( from the 1991, edition of The Basket of Tolerance )
I Am Adi Da, the Adi-Guru, the Original and Eternal Teacher, here to Complete the Great Tradition of mankind. I Am the Da Avatar, the all-Completing Adept, the First, Last, and Only Adept-Revealer (or Siddha) of the seventh stage of life. I Am the seventh stage Realizer, Revealer, and Revelation of God, Truth, and Reality, Given in this late-time (or would-be Complete and potentially Consummate era) and in this now dark epoch (as it must be described from the Realized Divine and Spiritual "Point of View", and with regard to the tendencies of the times), and Given for the sake of Completion (of the progressive Ordeal of Man) and for the sake of Unity (or the cooperative re-Union of mankind).

My own comments on this...

(revised 17 June 2006)

I have always felt a very real and intense energy from Da. But what does that mean (assuming my experience is genuine, as indeed I find it to be), in view of the evidence presented here? What it means is that things are not so simple as some critics and some devotees argue them to be.

I used to consider that be the Light that comes through Da is genuine. I now am convinced it is a mixed Light and pertains to the Intermediate Zone. To us on the limited human level it is as if it pertains to the Supreme Godhead, but it is simply one more layer of intermediate reality and half-enlightenment, combined with subtle egotism.

Despitre its mixed nature, the Light is still real and powerful, probably too powerful for such a flawed and imperfect instrument as Adi Da. The amount of evidence presented does strongly indicate that this is the case. Frank can be distinguished from great individuals like Ramana Maharshi, Nityananda, and Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in that they, unlike him, really are great Adepts, who have integrally realised the Supreme, and serve as pure expressions and Incarnations (avatars) of the Supreme, whereas Frank himself never got out of the intermediate zone, never got beyond his ego, or his lower passions and addictions, and so never made the Psychic (evolutionary Higher Self) conversion. It is like a high voltage current flowing through a wire that isn't strong enough to contain it, and in the end his over-inflated ego identified itself with the power of the mixed light and delusionally claimed to be the one and only revelation. This shows him to be a classic case of an Intermediate Zone expression. "Seer" has written very perceptively on this in his essay Problems with Adi Da.

This does not make the Light and power that comes through him totally undivine, although it does mean that it is very Mixed. And even if Franklin is deluded, the energy retains its intensity. And it comes out in unexpected ways, like the establishment of a sanctuary for animals (external link Fear No More Zoo). There can be no greater proof of sincerity than for someone to do the Right thing even if it is not the done thing expected by society (after all if you give to a charity you may be genuine, or you may be a hypocrite trying to impress others). And nothing impresses and moves me more about Da then his love of animals (e.g. he refers to a cat as his first teacher!) and his Fear No More Zoo. To me, that is true greatness. Others may disagree, but I can only speak from my own heart, nor would I ever want to do otherwise.

So (in my view) the Light that is called Adi Da (that Franklin calls Adi Da) is Mixed, Light and Dark inextricably intermingled, and having great power. So when Franklin speaks of being the Adidam revelation, he is correct, when he is describing this mixed Light. But when he says that he, Franklin, is the one and only, what has happened is that his mental faculties have been dazzled by the Light, and he does not have the Higher Self sincerity to reject and transmute his lower desiore nature. So his ego and his affectivity manipulates the attraction people have for the Light for his own petty desires.

An elemnt of this Mixed Light is a downpouring of intense shakti which is not of the hgigher Light, but of the Affective World. This energy is not divine (or rather, it is Divine only in that everything is of the Divine. As "Seer" commented in an email to me (11 June 2005) "Daists...think energy crashing down into their bodies and blissful states are a superior form of samadhi, the "thumbs" samadhi which leads directly to enlightenment when mature."

And this is why the path of the Guru can be so dangerous, if the Guru is not pure, is not a Great Realiser (in Da Free John's own evocative phrase). The devotee puts their life in the hands of the Guru, with total trust. Such responsibility! If the guru is pure, is enlightened, is an avatar, this trust will never ever be betrauyed, and the devotee will be carried and uplifted towards the Divine. But when - as in 999,999 cases out of a million - the Guru is flawed, retains ego, even if they still have some sincerity, and even when - as in Franklin's case - the power is genuine if Mixed, then that trust is abused, totally, completely, and great suffering results.

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