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Geoffrey D. Falk

Geoffrey D. Falk
current suggested assesment
Belief-system Agnostic
Former Guru Yogananda
Category Antagonistic critic
Criticises Ken Wilber

The following is from the biography I wrote for Wikipedia link from Wikipedia:

Geoffrey D. Falk is an author, critic, provocateur, music composer, and electrical engineer. He studied Electrical Engineering and Physics at the University of Manitoba, and did research into the design of computer microchips under the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

From spiritual to sceptic

Falk is author of The Science of the Soul, which presents a holistic understanding of the cosmos, combining traditional mysticism with the ideas of David Bohm and Itzhak Bentov.

Following an abusive experience at the hands of the Yogananda Self-Realization Fellowship, Falk became a staunch critic of gurus in general, and wrote an online book, Stripping the Gurus on this subject. He regards all gurus in a negative light, even ones that are free of controversy.

Criticism of Ken Wilber

Like David Lane and many other critics, Falk originally had a positive opinion of Ken Wilber. Falk's assessment changed however when he first came upon Wilber's derogatory remarks concerning David Bohm. Since then he has been a harsh critic, whose strongly worded opinions have not only produced an understandably negative response from Wilber's followers but also alienated some Wilber critics (see e.g. some comments on the Wilber Watch blog). Other critics however, such as Matthew Dallman, and more recently Frank Visser, cite Falk approvingly.

The question of whether Wilber's Integral Institute constitutes a harmful cult or not was the subject of a bitter exchange between Falk (who claims it does) and Elliot Benjamin (who argues that it doesn't), with statements being published on the Integral World website and on Falk's blog.

Falk recently completed a second online book, Norman Einstein: The Dis-Integration of Ken Wilber presneting a detailed critique of Wilber and his organisation.


Geoffrey D. Falk,'The Science of the Soul - On Consciousness and the Structure of Reality, Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2004 ISBN 1-57733-131-1
------------- Stripping the Gurus 2006
------------- Norman Einstein: The Dis-Integration of Ken Wilber 2006
Wilber and Bohm, an analysis of the problems with Ken Wilber's "refutations" of David Bohm's ideas]

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