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The Lightmind forum originated as a recovery venue for former disciples or devotees of Adi Da, but has since expanded. They also have a discussion forum for Ken Wilber that has been in place for a couple of years, and was originally set up by Frank Visser (of Integral World fame). Several persons who became fed up after Ken's infamous blog exploits have taken refuge there.

Someone who is more familiar with this forum than I has written the following:

Light Mind Message Board Dramatis Personae:

Elias is moderator of the forum. He's conservative and can be tetchy.

Broken Yogi turned down an all expenses paid scholarship to Columbia University in NYC (a superb school)--because he wanted to devote his life to serving Adi Da. He spent 30 years as a devotee, even became a kind of court astrologer to the guru and shouted down dissenters. Then he faced that he'd been serving a delusional guru and, after those 30 years, left and has been contributing to Lightmind forum during the past two to three years.

BobD is in his thirties, a clinical psychologist. He was an enthusiastic disciple of Ken Wilber, saw him up close, and tried hard to stay devoted to Ken despite having concerns about the cultic atmosphere that had begun to condense as early as the mid to late 1990s. BobD attended an event hosted by Wilber about 1996-7 and was perturbed by the grovelling. He mentions how intoxicated he'd been by Wilber's system, how enthralled he was by Ken's public persona, his alleged athleticism and capacity to read several books a day, and write a new book each year. BobD admitted how much it hurt him when the Wyatt Earpy mess forced him to re-appraise the whole thing. He periodically drops in at the Lightmind forum. He was very glad to find a venue where, unlike Integral Naked, he would not have to pay $10 USD a month.

What is interesting is that througout the Lightmind forum, people demonstrate that they have been doing a wide range of reading and practicing as a way to understand what happened to them during their time with Adi Da. They are they are diligent about sharing what they have learned from outside reading--and they cite material from a wide range of sources. This is different to the lack of enterprise seen among survivors of some other absuive gurus; perhaps particular gurus attract different classes of people, and so even when they become ex-devotees these groups will still respond ins psecific ways, some more actively, otehrs more passively.

Here are the URL's for the LightMind message board discussions.

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