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Problems with Adi Da



You can't know Da only from the polished presentations and events - his naive, cultic followers parroting what they are told and avoiding some questions only give you a clue that there is something amiss. You can't know Da from his writings either - he is an English major and accomplished writer, perfectly capable of adapting multiple sources and weaving/writing profound spiritual fiction mixed with insight and fact. You can't know Da from his hyper-charged presence and shakti either, when he spends much of his time being literally pleasured (including sexually) and "babied" by his devotees, and having been forced to give up excessive drinking because of his health he is now smoking marijuana for his glaucoma.

His is a progressive, revisionist and contradictory (over time) revelation, and he is absolutely serious about being the uniquely enlightened Avatar for all time, past, present or future--the only suitable meditation practice in Adidam is extreme bhakti where his presence alone is equated with God and Being and bodily service to him is paramount. Adidam doesn't reveal that many thousands (estimated at 90%) of those who have participated have left his community disillusioned. And, he now has 5 large real estate holdings, while his considerably less than 1,000 followers tithe heavily and buy him expensive gifts.

Reading the material at your linked forum ( and then considering Aurobindo's Intermediate Zone and Subtle Plane dangers material on your site, and similar material, one recognizes Adi Da as not a mere fake (there are intermediate stages between being fake and enlightened) but as one of the yogis/sadhaks deluded by subtle plane illusions and kundalini experiences into thinking they are the universal Avatar. So, Da declares "other" Realizers still stuck in illusion and that they never made it to his stage!

Specifically, he claims:

"I am here to Complete the Great Tradition of mankind. I Am the all-Completing Adept, the First, Last, and Only Adept-Revealer (or Siddha) of the seventh stage of life. I Am the seventh stage Realizer, Revealer, and Revelation of God, Truth, and Reality, Given in this late-time (or would-be Complete and potentially Consummate era) and in this now dark epoch (as it must be described from the Realized Divine and Spiritual "Point of View", and with regard to the tendencies of the times), and Given for the sake of Completion (of the progressive Ordeal of Man) and for the sake of Unity (or the cooperative re-Union of mankind). I Am the Ultimate Demonstration (and the Final, or Completing, Proof) of the Truth of the Great Tradition as a whole. Until I Appeared, there were no seventh stage Realizers within the Great Tradition of mankind. I Am the First and the Last seventh stage Adept to Appear in the human domain (and in the Cosmic Domain of all and All). It is neither possible nor necessary for another seventh stage Adept to Appear anywhere, because I have Accomplished My necessary Work everywhere. However, because I have Appeared and have Done My Completing Work, seventh stage Realizers (not with the Divine Adept-Function That Is Unique to Me, but Fully Realized, through their ego-transcending devotion to Me, and, Thus and Thereby, to the by Me Revealed Divine Person and Self-Domain) will Awaken, in all times and places.
--Franklin Jones (Adi Da)

Regarding the history of the name Da:

"Bhagavan Adi Da's first intuition of the Name "Da" as His true Name came about even before His Divine Re-Awakening. Sometime in 1969, after He had written The Mummery (His prophetic liturgical drama, or "prose opera", about His early Life and His future Work), Avatara Adi Da continued to write for a time in a similar vein, working on a book (which, in the end, He did not complete) that would be a kind of sequel to The Mummery. As He was freely writing, absorbed beyond mind in a mysterious meditation on Himself, the Name "Da" simply appeared. It was associated with a vision He had of a being whose head was enormously large in proportion to the rest of his body, and who radiated unimaginable peace, bliss, and love. The name of this being was "Da Blueso".

There are signs of similar mental states after "realization" based on his erotic union with the "Goddess" indicative of progressive delusion, such as this bizarre letter written in the 3rd person around September 1977 before changing his name:

The Demonstration of Grace Has Entered a New Phase

an essay by Bubba Free John

Recently it has been permitted Bubba Free John to successfully bring into the plane of recollection the whole of the Process that leads to "open eyes," the ultimate Stage of true Sacrifice or Devotion - the Way of Radical Intuition. When this cycle was complete, he returned to India and the tomb of Ramana Maharshi, the last vehicle of Grace that has served Bubba Free John during this lifetime.

Since Bubba's last visit to Ramana's tomb, in 1973, Bubba had entered into a four year period of service to devotees, in which he engaged them directly, in the theatre of their tendencies and aspirations, in order to instruct them in the Way of Divine Ignorance. At the end of that four year period, the whole Way, up to Sahaj Samadhi, had been recollected, revealed to devotees, and put into writing (some of which is not yet published). Thus, Bubba returned to Ramana's tomb, the last terminal of Grace in Bubba's case, to make a sacrifice of all that had been done and shown.

When Bubba yielded all of this at Ramana's tomb, he became aware that the Process of Grace was now being passed on, entering a new phase. Ramana's tomb contained no further Revelation. Ramana and Bubba were not different, and there was neither loss nor gain at that place and occasion. Bubba had intended to continue to travel in India, but it was shown that there were no contacts to be made there at this time. At the present time it would only be possible to contact representatives of what Bubba had already Realized and shown. There was no further contact with Grace to be made. Thus, the trip to India became a simple, brief sacrifice of all that has already been done. India became empty to Bubba, and he knew he should return to his Ashram as quickly as possible, since a new dimension of the Revelation of Grace was about to Awaken to him. (A few petty obstacles obstructed the return, but Bubba pressed home as quickly as he could.)

Since Bubba has returned to his Ashram, this Revelation has begun to intensify and show itself. The ultimate Process of Sacrifice to the point of Transfiguration, Regeneration and Ascension-Translation of the whole body-being into the Divine Ignorance-Radiance has begun with great Force. It is clear that the past theatre of Bubba's Teaching work is complete. The work necessary to conceive, demonstrate, and communicate the first three stages of the Way has been accomplished. Bubba has been shown that Ramana Realized the Truth in Jnana Samadhi and then passed to Sahaj Samadhi with "open eyes." However, his function was not to demonstrate the ultimate developments of the Sacrifice in Sahaj Samadhi. He did not, while alive, pass fully into the Transfiguration stage via the regeneration of Amrita Nadi.

Bubba's present and future work is to conceive, demonstrate, and communicate the Process in Sahaj Samadhi leading to the Transfiguration and Translation of the whole body-being into the Divine. He will continue to serve devotees in the preparatory stages as well as in The Way of Radical Intuition, in order to quicken their Awakening and Transformation in God. He may have contact with one or more individuals who will act as terminals of Grace for the sake of this ultimate demonstration, but he feels he may be alone in God from this point. The Process itself has been revealed to him, and the Divine is directly Present to him as Grace for the sake of this Sacrifice. And so Bubba does not know if there will be help through any higher beings in gross or subtle form for the sake of this future work. He has had contact, in recent days, with at least one entity in subtle form that has aided the secondary purification of the subtle mechanisms of the gross body. But he has had no contact with any being in a Transfigured state - although this may possibly occur in the future.

Bubba begs all devotees for their devotion and love and for the demonstration of stability in this Way and a mature commitment. If devotees will grant Bubba release from the aggravated necessity to toil with them relative to mediocre and immature demands, then the Way will be quickened for them, and Bubba will more easily be able to pass into the demonstration of the higher or perfecting stages of this Process.

Love, Bubba

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