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Sanjay Dadlani

Sanjay is an ex-devotee of Sathya Sai Baba. Joe Moreno says a lot of slanderous things about him, but I have corresponded with him and found him an absolutely decent guy.

I feel it best to let Sanjay describe his disillusionment with Sai Baba, and more recently the infantile attacks on his person by Moreno, in his own words. That way the reader can best make up their own mind on these matters. I wrote to him and he gave me permission to use all the quoted material here.

How Sanjay came to be disillusioned with Sai Baba

"While there were several troubling issues surrounding Sai Baba, the daddy of them all was how I was finding it increasingly impossible to reconcile his teachings with the true tradition of Sanathana Dharma that I had studied and been brought up in. I happen to be philosophically inclined and it was very hard for me to come to terms with the very real discrepancies that exist in his works, not to mention giving up my deep and reverent faith in 'God walking the earth', to whom I had given ten years of my life.

"After spending a long period of time in reflection, I decided that I had to be honest with myself and admit the truth at least to myself. I felt that it would be extremely dishonest and dishonourable to continue with what I was beginning to perceive as a farce and thus, in the interests of truth and goodness, I discontinued my faith and belief in Sai Baba.

"I initially desired to quietly walk away from the situation and lead a peaceful life away from this fiasco, but on the encouragement of some very great ex-devotee friends I had made I was encouraged to stay and helpfully contribute to the efforts to bring Sai Baba to justice. I also felt that discussion of Sai Baba's philosophical inconsistencies and deviations, a subject that has received sparse treatment thus far, was an area that would be fulfilling. And so I carry on with this work up to this day."

On Sanjay's relationship with Prabupada

"My spiritual life is evolving, just as everyone else's is. Consequently, even though I still maintain my faith in Gaudiya Vaishnavism, I distance myself from the bureaucratic ISKCON organisation and its gurus. Due to finding peaceful association in other branches of the Gaudiya tree, I have naturally gravitated there. In this vein I recently made a remark that I am "not a member of the Hare Krsna movement and Srila Prabhupada is not my guru".

On the face of it, this is most certainly true. I am not a disciple of Prabhupada since I was never initiated by him, and what does it mean to be a "member" of the HK movement anyway? So what Moreno has done is collect every reference he has found where I have previously expressed my devotion to Srila Prabhupada as a "guru" and related statements, present all of his "conclusions" in an article and promptly declare that Sanjay is "lying."

I am sure that his research into me, obsessive as it is, would make my current situation known to him undoubtedly. Either he knows or he is just very stupid. Therefore I think that he is deliberately trying to present a picture that paints me as a "liar" which is so convenient for his purposes."

On Moreno's defamatory actions

"I have started an online blog ( which was originally meant to be a place for me to process my thoughts and feelings about Sai Baba and his organisation. It was something that I never did properly in regards to the "grieving process" and I felt that I had a nice space to do this. Over time it has become a place to discuss my observations about Sai Baba's inconsistencies in his theoogy, philosophy, and personal behaviour. The 'philosophical' thing is something of a speciality for me as I am very philosophically inclined and I felt that this was an area in the 'Sai Baba Expose' that had received sparse treatment.

As you can see from the blog, I happen to try and make a very serious effort at doing this.

Somebody who owned another blog commented on one of my postings and invited me to view his own blog which contained an entry that was highly critical of Sai Baba. It also contained images of Sai Baba that had been deliberately manipulated in order to make him look comical, and this person invited me to do with them as I wished.

So in the spirit of comic humour, I wrote a posting that linked to this person's blog and also posted some of his images. I received more comical images of Sai Baba from yet another person and posted them too, all in the spirit of humour.

Later, I reviewed the presence of these postings/pictures in my blog and decided that it was out of place not to mention being in rather bad taste. With this change of heart I proceeded to delete the offending postings, as I felt that they contributed very little to the 'seriousness' of the blog on the whole.

I then saw postings from Moreno on a public discussion board where he was cackling and boasting about how he had created a blog against me, simply for the purpose of attacking me! If that wasn't hard to believe, he claimed that "someone else" (named 'premaperm') had proceeded to use my image in a manipulative way and superimpose my face onto queer backgrounds in order to make me look ridiculous. You can see it for yourself here:

At the time there were only four or five images, but he has obviously been busy uploading more. Premaperm had stolen my image that is available on another spiritual forum that has nothing to do with Sai Baba.

After seeing this, I saw no reason for my gesture and promptly proceeded to re-post the Sai-images again.

Even after other people had noted that Moreno's actions were not only hypocritical and childish, but in complete bad taste too.

Of course Moreno simply proceeded to justify his actions, using the argument "I will do whatever they will do." Or in his own words, "I can go as low as Sanjay can go."

He evidently believes that I was responsible for creating and uploading the pictures of Sai Baba, when the truth is that they were made availablle to me by other people. In any case, according to Moreno I am responsible for those pictures since I uploaded them onto my blog, therefore he is perfectly justified in doing the exact same to me. I'm sure you can see what a blatantly ridiculous argument this is, not to mention extremely childish of the school playground variety: "I hit him because he hit me first!"

After all the hoo-ha, I plainly stated the facts of the case about my change of heart, deletion of the Sai-pictures, re-posting of the same after seeing Moreno's antics, etc. I also stated quite clearly that since the heart of the issue related to offense caused against Sai Baba, I would be perfectly happy (and still am) to re-delete the offending pictures of Sai Baba, providing that Moreno would do me the same courtesy. After all, my blog is supposed to be a serious place to review serious inconsistencies in Sai's teachings whereas I am sure there is no place for a blog hat was created for the sole purpose of defaming me.

Obviously, you can't expect Moreno to be gentlemanly enough to take me up on my offer because, not only has he not deleted his pictures but has even proceeded to upload more of them!

Interestingly, I happen to have come across compelling evidence that it is Moreno who is behind the creation of those defamatory pictures of me. He has also done similar things to Reinier van der Sandt in the past, and I found out just today that he has superimposed Reinier's face in order to make him look like a Mother Superior! Another person that he has done this to is Andries Kruger-Dagneaux who, in my opinion, is one of the most fair and neutral-minded fellows I have the fortune of knowing."

On Moreno's defamatory blog

"By the way, you might be interested to know that Moreno has created yet another defamatory blog against me:

Apparently this is a facetious response to a blog which I've recently created, reporting on the news and whereabouts of Sai Baba's lookalikes:

Probably he thinks he's pretty funny, evidently imitating (poorly) a satirical blog: . Clearly he has nothing better to do with his time and energy."

external link Sai Baba's Naughty Children - Sanjay's review and critique of Lisa De Witt, Simon Brace, and Gerald 'Joe' Moreno

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