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Adi Da (Da Free John) - M; b.1939; USA
Laughing Man Institute, Adidam Adidam Nondual Intermediate Zone - Subtle, Transcendent, selfish/delusions of avatarhood Psychological, financial, and sexual exploitation, see Criticism, Problems with Adi Da, The Cult of Adi-Da?, re: Adi Da Large following in the West - chiefly in America. Large literary production.
Comments: - A controversial guru, former disciple of Muktananda.  Has changed his name many times.  Some devotees have been traumatised by him, others benefitted.  Claims to be first the avatar of this age and for that matter the only 7th Stage Realiser of all time.  His material is very well written.  I would interpret him as having powerful experiences of enlightenment but whose personality/vehicle is not strong enough to cope with the downflux of higher light.  A lot of lower Affective power, ego inflation and intermediate zone perspective.

Andrew Cohen ("Andrew") - M; b1955; USA
external link home page Integral Nondual "Translucent" - Causal, Transcendent, may be only sporadic? selfish narcissist Psychological manipulation and financial exploitation of devotees, under the guise of "breaking down the ego". See external link What Enlightenment?. Small following in America, mostly on Ken Wilber's recommendation. Magazine external link What Is Enlightenment? distributed widely
Comments: - Sincere and well meaning but highly narcissistic and emotionally immature self-styled guru who recieved transmission of the Light through HWL Poonja, whom he later had a falling out with. Later hooked up with Ken Wilber. Abusive "crazy wisdom" similar to but not of ethse same stature as Adi Da, classic abusive guru; I used his example in external link my critique of the Wilberian movement. Within that subculture a popular teacher supported by both Wilber and Don Beck, making inroads in Integralist on-line communities like external link Zaadz (where there seems to be a Message Board loyal following, although not without criticism) and Google search Integrative Spirituality. Impressive magazine, What is Enlightenment? with interviews of many different spiritual teachers, may be deteriorating through excessive Wilberitis. According to Sarlo's external link summation, Cohen's lack of respect for his guru and self-aggrandizement has negated his previous solid reputation.

Sri Aurobindo - M; 1872-1950; India
Sri Aurobindo Society Integral Transformative Manifest Absolute True Guru None Revered in India, respected by some intellectuals and spiritual teachers worldwide, small but dedicated following worldwide
Comments: - A visionary philosopher who created a vast spiritual synthesis, a poet, a yogi an dauthor of the system of Integral Yoga, a meta-enlightened being, an avatar, attained the Supramental Truth Consciousness, and worked towards establishing it on Earth.  Few people can see past the dense intellectual surface of his many writings to the Light that shines through them. Misinterpreted by some (Da, Osho, Wilber), followed in a fundamentelistic literal manner by others. Truely a great prophet who was far ahead of his time, perhaps the most significant fugure of this or any century to date. After his death his work was carried on by his spiritual co-worker Mirra Alfassa ("The Mother"), the only person (imho) with a spiritual status and breadth of understanding equal to Sri Aurobindo's own.

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