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The Disciple

A disciple is a devotee who has a long and/or close association with their guru. They may also be considered to have a higher level of realisation than the other disciples (although never as high as the guru him or herself) and generally work closely with them in the running of their organisation. Finally the disciples may supervise or in some other way be involved with and do most or all of the work in the running of their guru's organisation.

As with ordinary devotees, disciples have a totally uncritical and literalist or fundamentalist attitude to their teachings, and in the case of the True Guru, their bhakti may be even stronger and more sincere.

In the case of fake gurus however, the disciple's consciousness is probably no more elevated than that of the general genuine devotee. This is because the fake guru has nothing to offer spiritually (or in the case of the Intermediate Zone guru offers only the Intermediate Zone), and hence being a close disciple does not elevate the consciousness.

With particularly corrupt fake and abusive gurus; the disciples, especially those of the inner circle, may themselves be of a low moral order, and their will be a lot of competitiveness, backstabbing, and jockying for positions of power and the guru's favour. This was the case with Da Free John / Adi Da. Much more unusual was the case of Ma Anand Sheila, a manipulative disciple of Rajneesh who with the help of her own circle of followers ended up taking control of the ashram.


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