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The Ex-Devotee

An ex-devotee is a former devotee who has become disillusioned or for some otehr reason no longer feels a close connection with their guru

Most ex-devotees were formerly followers of an abusive guru and members of his/her cultic organisation. They left either because they were themselves abused, or they observed abuse happening around them, or were told of abuse by a fellow devotee, or some other similar situation, and as a result could no longer follow the guru. At least some ex-devotees, as a result of the emotional trauma, decided that all gurus are fakes, others simply consider their own ex-guru a fake or con-artists but have no opinion and no interest regarding other gurus.

Some ex-devotees have dedicated themselves to exposing the crimes comitted by their ex-guru. Because of their dedication and coourage in speaking out, the actiosn of these fake and/or abusive gurus are exposed, either in books or on the web.

However, these ex-devotees are often opposed and criticised by loyal devotees, who are unable to admit or accepot even the slightest wrong-doing on the part of their guru. Some of these devotees resort to muck-raking and ad homimen attacks of the most disgusting sort; all are agressive and self-righteous regarding their actions.


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