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The False Light

The expression "The False Light" is here used in a phenomenological, rather than an theological and cosmological sense. Regarding the the latter two, some dualistic Gnostic and Gnostic-like doctrines speak of the True Light and the False Light, which represent God and Nature (see e.g. the external link Theologia Germanica ) or Emanations from the Supreme (see e.g. external link The Source by D.M.). This dichotomy also occurs in evangelical Christianity and has for some time (see e.g. external link Christians the Light of the World, from The Oberlin Evangelist; August 12, 1840, based on Matt. 5:14-16. The metaphor of light also appears in John Chapter 1, Verse 9 BibleWiki technical comments here)

So I'm not denying these powerful theological associations. But by "False Light" (or False Glow) I mean a pseudo-spiritual Light (perceptible to the inner senses, although to most it is invisible or only unconsciously glimpsed) that appears genuine and persuasive and authentic, but isn't. It actually pertains to adverse entities, or perhaps to the lower astral or to very negative aspects of the intermediate zone. This light may be associated with entities that empower abusive gurus, and hence followers of such gurus would be fooled into thinking that have experienced the Supreme, when they haven't. Some such devotees then end up as instruments for these entities, they become slanderous and abusive, and the false glow can be perceived in them.

As regards charismatic but still fake gurus, it may be that there are two factors at work, the False Light and Mixed Light, and some absuive or narcissistic gurus have both, while others may have only one or the other. I have only however observed the False Light in a few slanderous devotees. Such individuals are incapable of attaining even the Mixed Light, because of their utter lack of spiritual receptivity or maturity, and the amount of negativity they have in their outer being (while the inner being is totally dorment or embryonic). Also there would slanderous devotees that don't even have the false light.

Which takes us back to all that theology and gnosticism and evangelicism and all the rest. They are probably all tapping in to the same thing, but interpreting it in their own belief systems and mythologies, usually witha lot of distortion and misunderstanding, as in the anti-worldly rejection of nature. While in the case of fundamentalist religionists the insight of negative entities and false light is itself hijacked by the very negative entities and false light they are describing. They get trapped in their own delusions and shadow projections, and the original meaning is lost.

The False Light
The Mixed Light
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