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Financial abuse and exploitation

After sex, money is the next most popular item on the absuive guru's shopping list.

Indian gurus come from a poor and impoverished nation (India was once very wealthy, but was plundered by centuries of European colonilaism), and suddenly find themselves gathering a following of naive and adoring devoteees, each one of which is rich beyond the avergae Indian's dreams. With Western false gurus, there is probably much more greed, as they are used to affluence, and hence would expect and demand more and more. There is something obscene about the way that Western gurus like L. Ron Hubbard, Da Free John and Andrew Cohen milked or milk their devotees for money. But Indian gurus like Maharaji, Maheshi, and Osho were or are not blameless either

The true spiritual teachers live by donation only, subsisting on the abundance of the Supreme. If a guru starts asking for money, or charging excessive fees for wrkshops, you know there is something funny about them. Either they are manipulating their devotees, or else they are unwittingly allowing themselves to be manipulated into morally repugnant positions (I believe this is the case with Gangaji, it may be the case with Ken Wilber too)

Funancuial abuse can result in terrible disillusionment on the part of a seeker. Even if they don't actually hav eto pay anything, they are put off a path that may benefit them at leat on some level, and the connection with the Inner Light and spiritual transmission is broken. This is the predicament so many sensitive persons are in if they dont know about concepts like the intermediate zone, whether from an Aurobindonian perspective or from another tradition.

Here is an instance of someone who It seems felt something real when viewing videos of Gangaji and Eli. Then, when discovering the excessive money angle, the person had no way to acknowledge the sweet strand of something genuine entangled with the dross and threw out the entire thing, dross and all, gold and all. It was either all-good or all-bad, with no framework for acknowledging an intermediate zone state where the spiritual gifts are real, but come with strings attached. And where gifts given to us all too often mean we are being embezzled from in other areas or asked to collude with a situation where we may benefit but others are being manipulated or harmed. It is entitled a video watcher's voice (Nov 28, 2006 00:07 PST) (original url)

i shall miss them. in my spiritual innocence i sat in awe of many of the video's i watched. i especially liked the music. it touched me or as some would believe, it set me up. I was hooked. So I wrote the foundation.

When i got the mail showing how much it would cost to spend time with them, i felt ill. It should not cost money for me to tell my truth. I would never charge you to listen. It does not cost money to love.

The money motivation changed the image on my weekly video show. Suddenly I saw arrogance and irritation when Gangaji would interrupt him as they spoke together. I watched his lovelite turn on for attractive women and the tostesterone rise with many men; the impatience with those seekers who hadn't yet learned the lingo. Of course he was "human" and I was a fool.

So what is it that I'll miss?
....... The time before I knew.

The True Gurui never asks for money in this way, is never abusive, is never exploitative.

The following is a tentative scale from totally spiritual to totally exploitative

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