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Gurus and Masters - G

Organisation or Website Tradition Category Stage of Self-Transformation Sentientism / Vegetarianism. Abuse? Following

G. I Gurdjieff - M; 1872? – 1949, Greek-Armenian
Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man "The Work", "Fouth Way" etc Occult Self-Mastery but not Self-Realisation No Maybe ideas have been subtly influential throughout much of western esotericism, even reappearing in New Age form.
Comments: - A true master, possessed of tremendous psychic and physical power and will, a prankster, a trikster, ex-spymaster, a master manipulator, deliberately obscured his teachings, does not seem to me to be someone who greatly respected women. Did not specifically exploit his followers in the manner some abusive gurus do, but not an angel either. Extraordinary charisma. Not enlightened.

Thaddeus Golas - M; 1924-1997, Polish-American
The Thaddeus Golas Café external link The Lazy Man's Guide To Enlightenment (1972 ) nonduality Partial or Complete Realisation ? / No None Large influence at the time (early 70s) on New Age / Alternative paradigm leaders (e.g. Richard Alpert, Alan Watts) .
Comments: - Concise pure nonduality approach, perhaps similar to but rather more insightful than Eckhart Tolle. 60s/early 70s style of LSD inspired spiritual physics/metaphysics interesting but less inspired, more intuitive-rational-mental. Teaches equality of all, but does not seem to have embraced sentientism or vegetarianism. Other than that admirable life, no evidence of abuse, narcissism, etc, towards followers, very influential but now little known.

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