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external link Sarlo's Guru Ratings. A vast list, each rather subjectively ratedm, by Sarlo, a follower of Osho. Not to be taken too seriously!!! (of course the same should be said about my own attempts here ;-)) However a wonderful resource of links, both pro- and critical. An invaluable site for anyone who wishes to aquaint themselves with the world of true and false gurus

external link My So-Called Spiritual Life - great page, lots of interesting facts, trivia, etc, about selected Eastern and Western gurus.

external link Rating Spiritual Teachers - a small but very useful list rated from most to least recommended. An page of comments is associated with each. What makes this perhaps themost intersting list of gurus on the Web is that the author often talks from or includes personal experience in each case. Nevertheless, as with all such lists (including my own!) the comments are often subjective. As always, it si best to enquire with an open-mind and come to one's own conclusions.

external link The Dark Underside of some prominent Hindu gurus - annoitated list of abusive and apparently abusive gurus, by Robert Priddy

external link Stripping the Gurus - an online web-book by Geoff Falk. Part of the book is free, and you get the whole thing by paying a small fee. Falk is a strong sceptic who wears his opinions on his sleeve. He external link totally discounts parapsychology and other such phenomenona. The book is therefore written from the a prior perspective that any guru is automatically a fake. Good when investigating or summarising actual abusive figures, not so good when confronted with the genuine article. If you believe all gurus, without a single exception, must be fakes, this web book will confirm your views

external link the "Gatekeeper"'s Guru List - simple listing, without any commentary or annoitations. Many are not even masters. includes absuive gurus alongside the genuine article

external link Living gurus - a short uncritical listing (along with some important recent deceased ones)

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