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The Mixed Light

The Mixed Light is different from the false light in that it does in fact contain some genuine or true light, and hence there is something authentic and healinga nd transforming about it, unlike the False LIght which is only indicative of the negative.

At the same time, the mixed light, by its very nature, contains the false, delusional, and negative as well as the positive. It is this inextricable mixture of Truth and Falsehood, Enlightenment and Delusion, that makes it so dangerous. After all, those who have only the false light can be recognised (eventually, even if one may be fooled at first because they present such a powerful and beguiling case to those who don't know the full story of whatever it is they push) as being toxic, as their words and actions towards others indicate. But those charismatic individuals, for example abusive gurus, with Mixed Light can very easily lead others astray. In fact it is my contention that by far the largest proportion of so-called gurus are precisely of this nature, with varying degrees of increasing falsehood and abusiveness as their small human personalities tend to implode, as usually and inevitably happens in these cases

The mixed light pertains to the intermediate zone, and in its innumerable forms (so one should speak of many such types of lights, not just one) is a characteristic of that infinitely beguiling but very spiritually dangerous region. For example, what Da Free John calls Radiant Transcendent Being is actually Mixed Light (I was fooled there because for a long time I thought he was genuinely enlightened). Similarily Muktanada's various experiences, and those of so many other gurus widely considered to be self-realised, and who still have charismatic and subtle energy power, and sense of knowledge, about them.

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