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Narcissism and the Delusional Guru


Narcissism is the extreme form of egotism, it is the world of fantasy and self-delusion that the totally ignorant little insignificant surface personality constructs around itself, if it happens to be manipulated by or partake of the emanation of a class of astral entity called "luciferic" (to borrow Steiner's term - see Three Streams of Evolution). When unbalanced, Narcissism results in the narcissistic personality disorder, which seems to be a common trait among many false and intermediate zone gurus. The result is a Delusional guru or master, who through ego-inflation and identification with intermediate zone attractors, fancies themselves possessing a spiritual status that in fact they do not really have.

The Narcissistic Delusional Guru - Definition

The Narcissistic Delusional Guru is so called because they genuinely believe that they are enlightened beings, avatars, and so on, when in fact their consciousness does not go beyond the ordinary basic avidya surface consciousness (even if they believe it does). Hence the claim of Supreme and transcendent enlightenment is delusional. The term is not intended in an ad hominem manner, but simply descriptive. These people mistake their imaginations for realioty.

In a sense everyone who is not fully and truly enlightened is "delusional"; we all suffer from the three kleshas of greed, delusion or ignorance, and aversion, as described in Buddhist and Yoga psychology (sometimes additional categories are added, Yoga psychology has five lkeleshgas. But Delusion, or metaphysical ignorance, is always the primary one.

The narcissistic delusional guru is no different to anyone else in this regard. Their problem lies in the fact that they make grand inflated claims about them selves and their status of enlightenment or avatarhood they genuinely belibve these claims to be true.

The Narcissistic Delusional Guru is distinguished from the Superficial Guru, who know that they are not avatars, but may still through genuine ignorance or misconception claim some enlightenment status, and from the Inflational Delusional Guru in that they haven't actually gone beyond the boundaries of their own bloated egos.

The following charactereristics are suggested as a definition of the Delusional Guru type:

Through a mixture of charisma and intelligence - or sometimes charisma and people manipulation skills if intelligence is lacking - delusional gurus propound a mixture of second-hand wisdom and their own sometimes highly original delusions, which their followers (who are caught up in the same attractor or lower entity that manipulates them) take to be the highest teachings of this age.

Because of their own ego-projection, their followers - or at least some of them - resort to antagonistic and slanderous behaviour whenever their guru is challenged or shown to false; hence the unpleasant phenomenon of the slanderous devotee.

Delusional gurus tend to have only very small followings. They may get into a power trip and abuse their devotees, or alternatively they may be supportive and loving, but only in a conditional way - i.e. as long as they are believed in) towards them.

While Delusional gurus are not schizophrenic, being much as lucid and competent as any normal person, they do constitute a sort of tendency towards psychosis and paranoia, because of over-emphasis placed on the limited ego.

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