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The Nonabusive Guru

Every Enlightened Being is, by their own nature, non-abusive and saintly in nature.

But to say that a guru is nonabusive does not always have to mean they they are an enlightened sadguru, or that they are perfect in every way. They may still be ignorant or unenlightened or as deluded as anyone else. They may slip up and occaisonally take adavantage of their devotees. They may be selfish and give in to weakness now and then. But it just means that they have certain principles and decency and have not abused the position of trust that others have placed in them. This itself speaks very highly of them, and indeed even the most ignorant person may be light years ahead of the most fancy and worshipped guru or fale avatar, if the latter is behaving in an abusive manner, but the former does not.

So nonabusive simply means on the moral compass a position of neutrality or of selflessness. It means that that person is probably a good and intrinsically spiritual, but not yet perfect, person.

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