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Power without Gnosis

There are so many gurus, so-called gurus that is, who have a lot of personal Power, but a total lack of Gnosis. These are people who would have started out as charismatic alpha males (or alpha females); they are the sort who are always the life of the party, who command any social gathering by the force of their personality, spouting absolute nonsense or saying only the most mundane, boring, and trivial things. People stand around luistening obediently, sometimes chipping in, even knowing that this person is nothing special, and knows nothing, but such is the power of charisma, of the magnetic extravert, that they will automatically are given the appropriate position at the head of the naked baboon social hierarchy that is human social relationships

When such people get even a little bit of knowledge, have a tiny bit of experience, the smallest opening to the inner being, wow, because they are so important and commanding they have to tell the world about it; and they become gurus and spiritual teachers, they external link employ marketing techniques, gather followers, and sometimes (although to be fair not always) go on to establish a nice career as an abusive guru.

None of them have anything of real value to say. Anything they tell you you can pick up from any book on ew age philosophy or eastern religion. In almost every instance you are more spiritually evolved then they are anyway.

Don't waste your time with them. There are better ways to practice sadhana.

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