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Like Scientology, Sahaja Yoga likes to keeps its true nature hidden from newcomers. Newcomers are not told about the system of arranged marriages, Mataji's claim that she is the Supreme Goddess and Creator of the Universe, how Mataji breaks up families at her whim, how children and toddlers are forcibly sent away to Sahaja Yoga schools in Italy and India, how Mataji threatens those leaving Sahaja Yoga with incurable diseases, how Sahaja Yoga breaks the law to spread its message and preserve funds, how Mataji has declared that any baby that cries in front of her photograph is possessed by demonic forces, how Mataji has encouraged her followers to form political parties and has prophesied that her organisation will rule the world, how Mataji receives money and expensive presents from her followers including a stately home in Cambridgeshire and a castle in Italy.

Dangers of Sahaja Yoga according to FAIR (Family, Action, Information, Rescue) 1993 information sheet:

"Dependence on Mataji and her teaching, leading to an inability or unwillingness to act or think independently. Fear of demonic possession which is very real, as is fear of 'losing vibrations', the result of disobeying teaching or missing out on activities. This may lead to obsessive behaviour centred around rituals and talismans (such as bits of Mataji's hair or the concoction poured on her feet during pujas). Devotees may feel unable to function in normal life unless they have achieved a protective 'bandan' or shield. For some, Sahaja Yoga may produce depression, anxiety or fear of mental illness. Estrangement from non-Sahaja Yoga spouses and children is common, often leading to family breakdown. Physical health may suffer. Followers fear dire consequences and incurable illnesses if they leave the movement or are expelled."

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Sahaja Yoga by Dr Judith Coney. Publisher: Curzon Press. Date of pub.: 1999.
(The most comprehensive work on Sahaja Yoga by a neutral observer)

The Shortest Journey by Philippa Pullar (Unwin Paperbacks 1984)
(A section of the book deals with the author's involvement in Sahaja Yoga.)

Saddhus, Mystics and Doctors by Dr Sudhir Kakar (Unwin Paperbacks 1984)
(Parts describe Dr Kakar's observations of Mataji's methods and involvement
with Rajneesh/Osho)


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