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Every Enlightened Being is, by their own nature, not simply non-abusive, but positively saintly in nature. They will never take advantage of their devotees and disciples, on the contrary, their devotees take advantage of them! We read in the lives of the authentic Enlightened Realisers how they constantly sacrificed themselves for their devotees and disciples. They really had no life of their own, because everything is given up, on the one hand to the Divine, on the other to their devotees

This is how one tells the genuine article from the fake. Because in the "spiritual supoermarket" there are so many fakes and so very few genuine Realisers. It is very easy to tell the differnce. If there is any abuse at all, any manipulation or taking advantage of deveotees, if there is even the slightest trace of self-serving, even the most minute, and even if the guru is nonabusive in every way towards their devotees, but there is even the tiniest defensiveness and hostility and agressiveness towards critics, then that is proof that they are not a sadguru, not an authentically and integrally enlightened being.

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