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The Slanderous Devotee


The Slanderous Devotee is one of the extreme forms of the antagonistic devotee. Everything that is said about the antagonistic follower or devotee also applies to them, but even more so. Not only have they not mastered their lower affective nature, but their affective being is very unruly and uncontrolled, which means that they are even more easily manipulated by lower astral formations, and even more closed (if that were possible) to the possibility of applying any sort of spiirtual teachings - even those of their own guru - to their actions. Even more obsessive and paranoid with their shadow projection, even more ruthless and lacking in any human sympathy or empathy in their ad homimen attacks, character assasination, slurs, inuendo, and muck-raking of the lowest sort, in order to discredit the critic or critics of their egoically-identified guru.

As a result, if they see their guru criticised, they fly into a rage and project their shadow at the horrible deceitful person who would dare critisice their saintly and perfect guru. They then resort to ad homimen attacks, character assasination, and anything else they can think of, in order to discredit the critic. Very rarely will they address the critics actual or genuoine convcerns; they are in fact unable to see other points of view than their own.

Slanderous Devotees are always very self-righteous regarding their actions, and display a mildly paranoid-narcisisstic attitude, in which they display absolute insensitivity and lack of empathy to their victims, while complaining loudly and seeing their own guru or themselves as the wounded party.

The Slanderous Devotee is almost always (although there may be a few rare exceptions) a follower of an abusive guru. Their antagonistic attitude follows the antagonism of their so-called guru. It seems to be the case that the ugliness of the abusive guru's narcissism and the cultic group mind infects, controls, or puppets their own consciousness and psychological make-up, and as a result they may mirror their guru's own abusive or insulting attitude, and may also themselves all write and act with the same daimon or Attractor behind them (which in these cases is always an adverse power), giving their respective criticisms a somewhat clone-like quality quality. This is not always the case however, and sometimes slanderous devotees of the same guru may be quite different in personality and responses.

Because they suffer from a rigid, fundamentalistic simplistically mindset, it is impossible to reason or debate with a slanderous devotee on the intellectual level. Every word you write or say is distorted to feed their anger, paranoia, and obsessional mentation. They, or rather I should say their subpersonality that is puppetted by the anti-divine entity that empowers them, seems to literally feed off this.

Similarly any attempt to reach them on a spiritual level is absolutely futile. I have attempted this with two slanderous devotees, but in each case their obsessive anger and narcissistic self-righteousness means they have a total lack of even the slightest degree of spiritual receptiveness. It may well be that their original personality has been totally supplanted; so they are literally entity-possessed by the power that is behind their cultic guru and organisation

While all Slanderous Devotees I have encountered or read are clearly intelligent people, that intelligence is always twisted by aversion/hatred and paranoia, and is often extremely narrow and constricted (what the Mother calls "The Mental Fortress").

Let us now list the defining characteristics of the Slanderous Devotee. These can be classified accordiung to whether they are exoteric (pertain to the outer or surface being, and hence are recognised by the modern secular mindset) or esoteric (pertain to the inner< /a>spiritual being, the level of development of the higher self, the intermediate zone, and occult entitries). If readers have further suggestions or ideas they would like to add, or have themselves been the victim of slanderous devotees, I would love to hear from them

Exoteric characteristics:

Esoteric characteristics:


Were I involved with corresponding with more devotees from a wider range of gurus, I would no doubt have a longer list. So the following should not be considered in any way incxlusive or definative!

Certain Devotees of Sathya Sai Baba. Before saying anything else I would like to emphasise to begin with that I believe that by far the majority of Sai Baba's devotees are very decent and sincere people who nothing of the vast number of serious allegations that have been independently made against their guru. Of these fine people I have nothing negative to say. Very different to them however are slanderous devotees, those who know of these allegations and not only refuse to believe them, but respond with hatred and rage against those who made them. Remember, this has nothing to do with the guru him or herself, but only with their ego-ideal identification with the guru. Hence even the slightest criticism, no matter how warranted, on their guru is construed as a personal and vindictive attack on them. Slanderous Sai devotees include Leo Rebello, Gerald Joe Moreno, and Lisa De Witt. Of these I have had extensive dealings only with Moreno, an obsessive character who has created a huge website and now a whole slew of blogs in order to slander ex-devotees and others who speak up about Sai Baba's sexual attacks on male devotees. My relationship with Moreno is a complex one, which began with me being unwittingly caught up in a war between slanderous devotees and ex-devotees, on the side of the devotees! Even after I realised there was something very strange about Moreno's inability to move beyond an attitude of extreme shadow-projection, I still genuinely tried to reach him on a heart level. In the process learned a great deal from him and about him. Indeed he could be construed as perhaps the archetypal slanderous devotee, although his repressed homosexuality and the sheer extent of his obsessive categorising of the imagined crimes of ex-devotees makes him atypical. Here is one example of his behaviour, along with the refutations. Here is another. See also the links section.

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet - Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet is a follower of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother who began claiming she was an avatar of the solar line and their sucessor. Most students of Ms Norelli-Bachelet seem to be very angry and aggressive when their demands that the Integral Yoga community accept their teacher as the sole and legitimate sucessor of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. But I will not say that they are necessarily slanderous, apart from one, a certain external link Robert Wilkinson, who combines naive but loyal and intellectual faith in his teacher with raging diatribes against any who would dare question with or disagree the PNB position. Have a look at external link his reply to Barindranath Chaki's essay on Sri Aurobindo; ad hominem from start to finish, with a few references to authority and a quote by Sri Aurobindo thrown in to make it look all respectible. Like other slanderous devotees, Wilkinson attacks the man because he can't refute the argument. But there is no need to take my word on things, follow the above links and make your own conclusions. (btw, I am not saying Robert Wilkinson is a bad or evil person; I do not feel he is. But it seems to me that unfortunately he has become so caught up in dualistic projection of the shadow that his essays and blog posts reflect this antagonistic attitude).

Scientology - I have not studied L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology; in fact the whole thing puts me off. Along with the Unification Church ("Moonies") it seems to be the word that comes most to mind when one says the word "cult". Having known "moonies" I find them no different in psychology to any other fundamentalist evangelical Christian group, so to call them cults but not other literalist Christian groups is hypocrytical. In any case, I certainly do not consider the moonies to fall into the category of slanderous devotees, but I have not been associated with members ofd the group for some 27 years, or followed the online activities of devotees of Reverend Moon at all, so I cannot judge. Regarding Scientology, my case study and sample is very small, but no less revealing for all that. From the material available on the webpage external link Rick Ross Responds to his Critics, it is evident that Scientologists use exactly the same smear tactic of slander and ad hominem attack used by Moreno and co, against anti-cult activist Wikipedia link Rick Ross.

Do you have reports of, or have you been the victim of ad hominem attacks by slanderous devotees? If so, please contact me and I will add your accounts to those listed here. Alternatively, do you feel that my assesment of your guru or your own position (if it is among those presented here) has been harsh, unfair, biased, or bigotted? If so, contact me also, and I will include your email, unedited, if you would like, so vistors to this site can get all points of view.

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