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Webmaster note: I received the following email in response to my Da pages.  Notice the comments at the end; these aI fele are pertinant to the concept of Inflation

       I am familiar with Da Free John through his writings and somewhat more directly (I feel) in my heart.  Nevertheless, the paradox of existence can be very confusing.  Certainly it is desire that makes us move.  Some motivation or another, yet there truly is no time, no movement, no desire, except that which we create.  If one has no desire, if one is truly enlightened, who would such a one worship?  This One would be content to be and manifest that being.  The action then is the worship.  The action is born out of complete Love-God-Bliss, Understanding and Compassion.  Da Free John's desire APPEARS to be, Guru.  That is, he desires that those around him be enlightened.  He thinks he is the best for this purpose.  He may be.  Certainly he is one of the Greatest.  I feel though that the Greatest are those who don't need to blow their own horn. Therein lies the paradox (to some) of Da Free John's behavior.    Does God have to go around and proclaim to everyone "I am God"?


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