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Ken Wilber - M; b.1949, USA
Integral Institute Integral Intellectual "Translucent" Generous Narcissist Minor cultic tendencies, not abusive; external link my critique. Very influential due to his voluminous literary output. One of the main intellectuals in the New Age/ New Paradigm movement today.
Comments: - Hugely influential and charismatic New Age philosopher, father of the modern Integral movement, impact in the New Age / Alternative / Transpersonal / New Paradigm movement due to his voluminous literary output, eloquent style of prose, and dynamic personality; obsessive writer whose vast literary output masks the fact that 3/4 of all of his books are just rehashing the same thing. Brilliant intellect but big ego prevents him from acknowledging and benefitting from constructing criticism, resulting instead in histrionic outbursts and attacks on critics. Backed by a powerful attractor. Despirte refering to himself as a "pandit", and rejecting the "guru" label, he acts like a guru in everything but name. Incompetente and manic micromanagement and lack of people skills alienates many around him and works against his own cause; including blog the latest blowout at his fast failing Integral Institute. Classic Intermediate zone guru whose rigid mental understanding indicating a textbook "mental fortress". Despite being touted by his followers and devotees as "the greatest living philosopher", Wilber is not considered as anyone serious by real academia. Apparently very proficient at meditation. Large following among young intelligent alternative types, and loyal following in the form of an Integral Institute, although recent emotional outbursts resulted in loss of prestige.

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