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The Cosmic Field of Consciousness

Physically and objectively, the Cosmic Dimension of Consciousness and Existence might be any large to very-large scale manifestation; metaphorically and/or esoterically, the "macrocosm" as opposed to the "microcosm". It may be interstellar or galactic or inter-galactic, or pertaining to the entire universe, but not invariant in the way that the "universal" phenomena are.

Hierarchy of holons
Hierarchy of holons, by Flemming Funch, from external linkHolarchies.

Each of these of course can be divided and sub-divided into any number of degrees and subdegrees: e.g. "cosmic" proper, intergalactic, galactic, interstellar, solar systemic, etc (and any number of subdivisions between these) Some of these gradations are shown in the above diagram.

Subjectively and transformation-wise, the Cosmic Field or State of Consciousness is the state of realisation of the the cosmic or immament Godhead, to the extent of one's consciousness is equal to the extent of the Cosmos.  This is the Pantheistic and Panentheistic realisation.  It goes totally beyond the conventional Collective or expanded individual level of existence.  It has been various described, according to the aspects and approaches taken.   In Patanjali Yoga, Buddhist meditation, and similiar techniques of cultivating innwardness, stillness, and expansion of consciousness, it represents the final stages of meditation before Enlightenment.  There is still a mind or mental body, but it is limiteless in extent.  This is the state of the higher or formless Pali Buddhist samapattis, and of Patanjali's asamprajnata samadhi: a limitless, formless state of existence.  It has been formalised in Yogachara/Vijnanvada Buddhism as the Alayavijnana, or "Universal Storehouse Consciousness".  Indeed, Yogachara Buddhism itself was inspired by the experiences of deep meditation, hence the name, "Yoga-teaching"

In Kashmir Shaivite metaphysics, which approach this state from a higher prakritic octave, these cosmic states are considered to be beyond the state of ordinary liberation, and are referred to as the Shanti-kala ("Division of Reality pertaining to supreme Peace") or Shuddha ("Pure" =Divine) principles represent the state of omnipotent Cosmic Consciousness, in which the "I" or aham is a cosmic godhead and the "that" or idam (object) is the entire universe.  Three stages are distinguished in that philosophy, from the most unitive to the most manifest, according to the polarisation into Shiva and Shakti.  In Sri Aurobindo's terminology this is the level of the Overmind, the ontological level of the gods, where the boundaries of the individual self seem to equal the boundaries of the universe.

Dimensions of Self and Reality
Universal Being

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