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Individual Dimension of Consciousness and Existence

The Individual is the baseline center of consciousness, the holons being referred to. In human psychology and occultism this is the "microcosm" of the planes of existence, the individual as a smaller (fractal) image of the cosmic or universal whole. The individual is both a part of its environment, and the totality of all the holons of which it is constituted. At the same time, this is the only level of consciousness that is fully individualted, being between the individual microcosmic and the collective macrocosm.

If consciousness is subjective, then the individual entity is objective; that is, it has objective existence; it exists as a metaphysical entity, even if it is also in an intersubjective and interrelated process relation with all other entities

In Ken Wilber's 4 quadrant Integral philosophy, which is influenced by postmodernism and developmental psychology, the Individual Dimension of Consciousness and Existence is represented by the Intentional and Behavioural aspects. The the gross physical plane corresponds in part to the right quadrant of the diagram (Behavioural), and the subjective outer consciousness (Intentional) to the left hand side. The various individual evolutionary gradations are shown. The ones on the right are based on Erich Jantsch's work, the ones on the left on developmental psychology. For Wilber, the individual cannot be considered apart from the collective. However, the individual cxonsciousness does not have to be tied to the collective, or the subjective to the objective. Moreover, there are infinite possible relationships. Nevertheless, Wilber's integral theory diagram represents a useful representation on a simplistic level

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