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EnlightenNext (formerly What Is Enlightenment?)

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EnlightenNext is very representative of the Postmaterialistic worldview and Epic of Evolution exoteric evolutionary consciousness (hence the subtitle: A Magazine for Evolutionaries). This glossy, popularist, optimistic magazine is an enjoyable light reading in some places, but remarkably naive in others, especially when it comes to an inability to discriminate between the exoteric and esoteric. The perspective of the authors is clearly exoteric, non-gnostic, and limited, although there is an admirable worldcentric approach. The dependence on exoteric abusive guru Andrew Cohen is also something of concern. At the same time, they do a good job at presenting new developments in postmaterialism. It is however necessary to penetrate the jargon of the magazine, e.g. they refer to modern secular society as "postmodernism". While uncritically and naively Wilberian, they do neveretheless also go beyond the merely Wilberian community and philosophy to present and review aspects of the larger integral community. Just don't expect any penetrating commentaries (or for that matter any commentaries) on the rampant capitalism in elements of the Intregral movement. Also, the uncompromising Wilber and Cohen sycophancy can get a bit cloying at times.

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EnlightenNext: The Magazine for Evolutionaries - was until late 2008 known as What Is Enlightenment? (or WIE for short). It is an international magazine devoted to spirituality, culture, and the growing integral movement, published quarterly by EnlightenNext, a nonprofit organization. The magazine, which first appeared in 1992, was founded and is still guided by Andrew Cohen, an American guru of evolutionary spirituality. The current executive editor is Carter Phipps. Each issue features articles by, and interviews with, various integral and "cultural creative" thought-leaders. A regular feature is "The Guru and the Pandit," a series of dialogues between Cohen and American philosopher Ken Wilber.

Produced in Lenox, Massachusetts, EnlightenNext is sold at North American retail stores such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Chapters, and Whole Foods. The North American edition is also available at retailers in Australia and the UK. In addition to regular foreign print editions distributed in Greece, France, and Germany, many articles are available online in Spanish, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Turkish, Croatian, and Hebrew translations. Most of the North American edition's back issues are available to read on the magazine's extensive website.

"WIE salon" discussion groups are held frequently in major cities worldwide, including New York, Boston, Seattle, Washington D.C., San Francisco, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Zurich, Tel Aviv, and Rishikesh.

In 2006 and 2007, WIE's website won the "Religion and Spirituality" People's Choice category of the Webby Awards.

In the fall of 2008, What Is Enlightenment? was renamed EnlightenNext magazine.


EnlightenNext magazine online, featuring free article archives. There are online audios and videos but you have to pay and subscribe to these .- from the website - "EnlightenNext magazine is the premier publication for anyone interested in transforming human consciousness and culture. It brings you the leading voices of our time—from business and politics to spirituality and science—plus insightful and controversial commentary from today's most talented and engaging writers."

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