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An unorthodox AQAL diagram
The Four Quadrants and various levels of Integral Philosophy - An unorthodox variation on the standard Wilberian / AQAL diagram.

The appeal of Wilberian philosophy lies in its ability to systematise the whole world in a single often colourful diagram (ignoring the obvious inconsistencies that result from such a procrustean approach). What I like about this particular diagram (original url) is the fact that it so unorthodox in presenting the center (in Wilberian philosophy the lowest level of consciousness; in both Kabbalistic concentric cosmological diagrams and Haskell and Cassidy's Coaction Cardinoid it is the same) as the highest, with its star-like Divine brilliance. Thus, as with Tantric mandalas, the Vedantic koshas and Sri Aurobindo's concentric series, the innermost is also the highest.

In any case, Wilber's attempts at a Universal synethsis of knowledge, as in his AQAL diagram, have inspired me to create my own exoteric Integral diagrams, such as the following:

My Integral Philosophy diagram, inspired by AQAL

Integral Diagram by M. Alan Kazlev, 2009, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

This diagram includes the Mandukya Upanishad's four States of Gross, Subtle, Causal and Transcendent (the foundation of nondual Vedantic and Tantric yoga psychology), the three substrates of consciousness: Physical, Emotional, and Mental, the three corresponding planes of physical, astral, and ideational, the four perspectives of Objective, Intersubjective, Intrasubjecticve and Transubjectiv, and the paired socio-cultural spheres of Religion & Ethics, Art & Culture, Philosophy & Metaphysics, and Science & Technology.

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