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The Intermediate Zone

The Cosmic Mandala
The Cosmic Mandala, external link as described by Adi Da.
This kind of vision of reality may be typical of the Intermnediate Zone.

(Arch sceptic Geoff Falk and "the Broken Yogi" argue that this is external link a neurological phenomenon. Even if this is the case (which it may well be), this does not refute its subtle or imaginal status. Even if the efefct is neurological, all that means is that the Cosmic Mandala affects the physical brain (along with the etheric body) in a certain manner, as do all phenomena of consciousness. Integral philosopher Ken Wilber is to be credited for arguing for external link a complementary and holistic multi-perspectival, rather than a contradictory and exclusivist, approach to the science of consciousness.

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