There are many meditation techniques, but basically all involve the detachment of consciousness from it's usual objects.  Here are several types of meditation

Meditation in World Religion

Types of Meditation

Active Visualisation

Very popular in the New Age movement.  Involves directing positive imagery and emotions

The Inner Smile
Taoist Meditation
by Master Mantak Chia

Active Focus (One-pointedness)

Patanjali (Raja) yoga, some Buddhist meditations, Mantra yoga (when done properly)
Focusing the attention in a single point

Detachment and Centering in Pure Consciousness

When thoughts arise one realises that they are not a part of oneself.  Just as passing clouds don't touch the blueness of the sky, tho they might veil it, thoughts pass across the Consciousness (the awareness, the "I") can't affect it.  You are not your thoughts - you are the observer of your thoughts

An exercise:

When  you have some time and won't be disturbed, just sit down in a comfortable position, (back straight helps but not essential) and just focus on that realisation, be aware that u are the WATCHER, the OBSERVER, and just hold that detachment as long as u can....

When thoughts arise you just watch each one without getting caught up in it, until it passes and a  new one comes up, & so on until finally they stop coming up and then suddenly for a  moment there's nothing but this amazing stillness and vastness....


Who are You?

The Buddhist Practice of Mindfullness

Nonduality / Insight (Passive Focus)

Nonduality Meditation - a mahamudra/dzogchen/tantra inspired meditation instruction, universal rather than tied to a particular tradition.

The Collective Effect of Meditation

The Maharishi Effect

Active and Passive Meditation

Active verses Passive Meditation in Judaic Kabbalah

Rabbi Yossi Markel

Active verses Passive Meditation

Professor Tom Hickey

Meditation in the Eastern Traditions

Buddhist Meditation Mindfulness (Buddhist Meditation) Confucian Meditation
Taoist Meditation Jain Meditation Meditation in the Upanishads


Spiritweb org page The Mystery Of Meditation - Dinu Roman - a synthesis of the traditional teachings about meditation. Does not give specific meditation techniques but rather a good general overview and introduction

links Meditation and Yoga - lots of links


"The Art of Meditation" by Sant Rajinder Singh

on-line articleYoga and Meditation (Dhyana) - by Georg Feuerstein

more links an essays on meditation to be added soon....

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